No Longer at Ease

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  • Chinua Achebe Research Paper

    Christians used to go out on every fourth Sunday, they used to sing and enlighten the non-Christians in the village who were considered as the “Pagans”. There were many backsliders also who though were once in church but gave it up and instead they used to put forward embarrassing questions to the catechist or pastor. This was basically the condition through which Achebe has gone through his childhood days (Interview with Achebe, 1965). Achebe has written various books among which Thing Fall Apart, No Longer at Ease and Arrow of God are considered as the part of Trilogy. Across these books, he has rendered the pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial stipulations of Nigeria. To study the post-colonial epoch it is very vital to get acquainted with the antiquity of the place and through Achebe’s Trilogy things become quite tranquil to analyse the then circumstance of Africa. The paper will be a discussion on African ailment by scrutinizing Things Fall Apart, No Longer At Ease and Arrow Of God. Achebe is someone who is credited as the pioneer of African literature as he conferred it a new voice and image. Through the semantic used in his first novel that is Things Fall Apart, he has depicted that African literature was not just an imitation of European forms of African writing, but it was a fusion of such forms and oral traditions which were very rich in itself. Achebe is the conscience of African literature as he has written many stories having a strong moral…

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  • Depiction Of Women In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    Chinua Achebe is “widely considered to be the father of modern African literature” (Achebe, 1959) he has multiple literatures describing the societal features in Africa, and is best known for his trilogy including Things Fall Apart, Arrow of God, and No Longer at Ease. Although Achebe adequately depicts the traditionally African society to the western world in these novels, he may not have depicted the entirety of the society accurately. Focusing on Things Fall Apart, this short review will…

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  • Igbo Society In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    Things fall apart written by Chinua Achebe, a Nigerian depicts a story of pre and post-colonial life of the Igbo society in Umuofia. The story begins with vivid descriptions of Okonkwo, the main character of this novel and how he defies odds to claim the status he has in his society. Even with a bad role model father, he copes to succeed in his life through his accomplishments as a fighter for his village, marrying three wives and managing his farm. One day, he was exiled to Mbanta as a…

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  • Peter Pan Gender Analysis

    On the surface, J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan is a classic tale that demonstrates the prominence of traditional gender roles. Within these confines Peter Pan comes across as a fearless leader and father figure to his lost boys. Even though he is objectively brave and presents as a strong male lead, Peter Pan is actually a very vulnerable character who is oblivious to his situation, and constantly sweeps the tough issue of growing up under the rug. Throughout the story, Peter uses various coping…

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  • Ezeulu Character Comparison

    and the other is a soldier fighting deadly robots. In Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe, Ezeulu is the chief priest of multiple villages in Africa that is slowly being colonized by the British in the early Twentieth Century. Second Variety by Phillip K. Dick is a short science fiction story set in an apocalyptic future about a military officer named Major Joseph Hendricks, who deals with robots killing humans that they were supposed to be protecting (Carrere 20). The two characters both share the…

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  • Theme Of Cultural Collision In Things Fall Apart

    Cultural collisions between different groups of people that are forced to live together are bound to happen, especially if those two groups have completely different ways of life. Chinua Achebe depicts what cultural collision can do to two different groups of people in his novel Things Fall Apart between the main character Okonkwo and the colonizers that come to his village, Umuofia. Okonkwo, an aggressively over-masculine, hot-tempered, traditional man, comes to face his old traditions and ways…

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  • Individuality In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” is a novel with a plot immersed in social and political themes, allusions, and messages. Most notably, the novel can be interpreted as an exposition on British imperialism in Africa. At the time of its original publication, “Heart of Darkness” exposed a Western audience to African communities that, while fictitious, were quite representative. Most Western accounts of Africans in the late 19th century and early 20th century characterized Africans as being…

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  • Okonkwoye In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    Okonkwo & Nwoye Nwoye is Okonkwo’s oldest son and causes grief to Okonkwo because he is more similar to his grandfather than him. While trying to appease his father, and live up to the life that he has envisioned for him, Nwoye falls prey to many beatings from Okonkwo. The fact that his own son was so much like the father he hated weighed heavily on him on he thought the beatings would correct it. Nwoye enjoyed the stories of his mother more so than the war stories from his father. Because he…

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  • Things Fall Apart: A Summary

    Ezeulo had a half brother by name Okeke Onenyi who had a grudge against Ezeulu becoming the Chief Priest of Umuaro. Ezeulu did not invite him for the ritual of the Covering-Up sacrifice for Obeka’s wife and allowed a worthless medicine man to perform the ritual. This itself proves that Ezeulu did certain acts of rituals because of social obligation and concern for his clan. It is because in the Ibo community parenthood is not a private concern and that is why he does not allow his half…

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  • Invasion Of Colonialism In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    Invasion of Colonialism in Things Fall Apart Nigerian author Chinua Achebe wrote the novel Things Fall Apart in 1958. It was published by William Heinemann limited under the genre of historical literature. The main theme of the novel explores the transformation of the life of the Igbo people as colonialism enters their world in the 19th century. It is used in schools and college to educate students as a historical literature text related to colonialism and is also used as a source of reference…

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