Nobel Peace Prize

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  • The Nobel Peace Prize

    Founded by Alfred Nobel, the Norwegian Nobel Committee award prizes to people that excel in the following categories: Nobel Peace Prize, Nobel Prize in Literature, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. The Nobel Peace Prize” is awarded to people that have given more to the community, reduced dangerous events and have work to maintain peace between society, countries, and along the whole word. This prize was first awarded in 1901 and each year a different recipient is selected for this prize. It is given away on December 10 each year. This prize is given away to recognize goodwill and its purpose is for people to spread peace throughout the world.…

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  • Hector Nobel Peace Prize Analysis

    The Nobel Peace prize, according to Alfred Nobel’s will, awards people who "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses." In The Iliad by Homer there are many characters who are not deserving of anything and all they do is fight for glory and think about themselves. Hector is the leader of the Trojans and is their strongest warrior and he chooses to fight for his…

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  • The Nobel Peace Prize: Luminosity Or Obscurity

    The Nobel Peace Prize: Luminosity or Obscurity Peace is more than just the absence of war, people all over the world desire peace, the right to voice their own opinions, and live free within their own country. There are many people throughout the world that continue to advocate for peace in one way or another. Albeit, the world is far from a peaceful place yet, they still try. The compassion and commitment shown for these causes is outstanding. When considering the Nobel Peace Prize, it…

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  • Essay On Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize

    Barack Obama is by far one of the most important political figures in existence. He will be remembered for more than the average president, and has been working towards a better future for the american people since before he was in office. Barack Obama is known for his efforts in office such as reforming the American education system, as well as trying to solve the complicated and violent issues that worry us in the middle east. One way his efforts have been recognised is with the Nobel Peace…

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  • The Nobel Peace Prize: Deserved Or Corrupt?

    Deserved or Corrupt? The Nobel Peace Prize has always been a respected and dignified award. It is often presented to renowned figures that have helped to shape worldwide communications today. By presenting this award to undeserving figures such as Barack Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize has been seriously undermined of its credibility and prestige. Both Tom Toles and Michael Binyon excellently explain and criticize this absurd handout through their rhetoric arguments. Their logic and argumentation…

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  • The Nobel Peace Prize By Martin Luther King Jr.

    The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Martin Luther King Jr. in 1964. “ Whose work to resolve serious conflicts without violence is also helping to reduce in the United States the discriminate bitterness that condemns international organization... because of the participation of people of non-white races and of the concerns to promote ‘the dignity and worth of the human person’ regardless of race” (Nobel Prize MLK). The Nobel Prize Foundation was founded by Alfred Nobel in 1901. He…

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  • Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech Analysis

    Critical Analysis of Nelson Mandela’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was the son Hendry Mphakanyiswa the tembu tribe chief and South African farmer .Nelson Mandela later became the most prominent figures the leader of the fighting against apartheid. He also was the longest imprisoned member of the African nation Congress (ANC). As a result of his fighting and resisting to the white minority rules in and out of prison he was awarded Noble peace prize. …

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  • Comment: Absurd Decision On Obama Makes A Mockery Of The Nobel Peace Prize Analysis

    the inaccurate awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize according to Michael Binyon, author of “Comment: Absurd Decision on Obama Makes a Mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize,” which appeared in the London Times and Tom Toles, the creator of the cartoon “Heavy Medal,” which was published in The Washington Post. They feel as though the award was awarded unfairly and unjustly. In both of their pieces, they use valid arguments to impact the reader’s thoughts on the whole ordeal. Michael Binyon’s view on the…

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  • Elie Wiesel: Deserving Of The Nobel Peace Prize

    Good evening, My name is Francis Sejersted. I’m a Norwegian social and economic history professor. I’ve been on the Nobel Committee since 1982, with this year, 1986, being my fourth year. This year, I have the opportunity to express why Elie Wiesel is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. We all know Elie Wiesel as the Holocaust survivor and as the writer of the memorable memoir Night. However, we have yet to recognize him for his other achievements. Elie Wiesel, the Romanian born American-Jewish…

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  • Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech Analysis

    Martin Luther King’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance speech and in President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech. Both King and Obama express and explain their views on how things should be and how they should be done. In both speeches, Martin Luther King and President Barack Obama talk about violence but in different ways. King’s examples are about how violence is used for killing people because of something as crazy as segregation while Obama’s examples are about how violence is used for…

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