Nobel Peace Prize

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  • Mahatma Gandhi's First Mass Civil Disobedience Campaign

    an ambulance corps of 1,100 volunteers to show the British Empire that they are worthy of full rights of citizenship. In 1906, Gandhi “organized his first mass civil-disobedience campaign” and after years of protest as well as imprisonment, a compromise was made (Mahatma Gandhi). The government then recognized Hindu marriages and abolished poll tax for Indians. In 1919, the British authorities enacted the Rowlatt Act which allowed imprisonment “of those suspected of sedition without trial”…

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  • Malala Yousafzai Biography

    and continued all throughout her recovery. Actress Angelina Jolie helped create the Malala Fund to help education for girls. Her first book was published in October of 2013, titled I AM Malala. Being the youngest person Yousafzai receives the Nobel Peace Prize at age 17. Now Malala devotes her time in supporting the rights for girls around the world to receive an…

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  • Frederick Douglass: The Simple Acts Of Heroism

    the choice to the people he was trying to help. Likewise, Martin L. King was indifferent about rewards, because he was focused on his cause. He announced that he would turn over the prize money to the civil rights movement, when he was notified that he was selected for the nobel peace prize award. King gave his prize money to a cause he was devoted to, instead of keeping it for himself and for his own leisurely benefits. Heroes usually demonstrate that they are modest and humble. It takes…

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  • How Did Jane Adddam Changed The World

    model. The factors that contributed to how she became such an important woman in history include her early life, the Hull House, and her winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Jane Addams was born in the sleepy town of Cedarville Illinois. The was the Eighth of the nine children in her family. Bonnie Carman Harvey writes in the book Jane Addams Nobel Prize Winner and Founder of the Hull House “Jane’s happy childhood influenced her entire life” (13). This quote from Harvey shows how her bringing up…

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  • King's Dream

    illogical and unethical to judge others based on their appearance, family, intelligence, economical status, or color of skin. Dr. King’s speech was of a direct quotation, allusion, and poetry, he used analogies and metaphors, according to “The Nobel Peace Prize” (1964), he studied The US Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, and the Bible and he used biblical dialect and metaphor to prove his point. Dr. King used frequent repetition and rhythm to bang home key points. Dr. King’s…

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  • I Am Malala By Christina Lamb: A Critical Analysis

    at midnight and when I almost died it was just after midday.” Her solo motive has now become a voice of millions of girls around the world who are denied their right to education. At just at the age sixteen, she has become the symbol of peace and the youngest Nobel Laureate in the year 2014. The present study will critically review the tale of a strong and brave girl whose voice is inspiring the change in the world. Key Words: Gender-equality, girls’ education, empowerment, terrorism. Gender…

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  • Dylan Nobel Prize Essay

    Dylan winning the 2016 Nobel Prize for literature. The two news sources that have been researched are the metro newspaper and TRT World video on youtube. Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for 'creating new poetic expressions within the American song tradition '(Ritter. K, 2016). This is written for the general public of both Britain and America The purpose for this story in the Metro newspaper is to give the public of Britain the knowledge that Bob Dylan won the Nobel peace prize for literature of…

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  • What It Means To Be A Hero Analysis

    set the tone for the night. As I sat the coloring, a speech my friend gave earlier in the day kept rolling in inside my head. It was about the young girl, Malala Yousafzai, and how she is an activist, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, and an international hero. At a very young age (11) she began giving speeches on how the Taliban couldn’t…

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  • Martin Luther King Jr Research Paper

    (segregation) King received the nobel peace prize among other honors for his hard work and more thinking into people life (nobel prize) Still after his death many people honor him and remember him as most lauded african american leader in history more remembered for the speech he gave called i have a dream( i have a dream) he was…

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  • Malcom X, Martin Luther King, And James Baldwin

    either salvation or doom,” (Martin Luther King Jr., Nobel Lecture). Justice earned by fire and blood doesn’t equate to freedom, and rightfully so, “we are nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us,” (Malcom X). Many times these issues are a two-way street, meaning when the blood bath starts, someone has to be the first to put down the blade. Just as there is an outcry for justice then and now, there should also be the same outcry for peace. Hopefully this movement will take a turn for…

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