John Steinbeck The American Voice Analysis

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The American Voice
Do the people around you usually have a common issue that they want the world to hear? We all want someone to be America’s voice and help everyone. John Steinbeck is the American voice for the voiceless. John Steinbeck captured the souls of people going through war and tough times. He spoke to the hearts of soldiers and all the Americans suffering through the Great Depression. During World War II all the books and poems were over war which brought horrible nightmares from it, including the Great Depression. Steinbeck relieved much of pain and sadness with the humor and joyful stories in order to let the people escape modern day tragedies. John Steinbeck is the voice and hope for all the Americans that had to suffer through
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Steinbeck 's humor is the escape root for the american people to branch off from modern day life and just read a funny and helpful story to give them relief. His personal experience is a key role in being the american voice. Steinbeck experienced World War II and knows the terrors that comes with it and the hardship it creates. During his travels trying to write stories and being journalist has put him in a lot of hard spots and serious situations. Steinbeck uses many certain themes during his writings, such as overcoming and pursaverience. His personal experience and knowledge of what the people want is how he can help the people and be the voice of reasoning for them. Futhermore a key coponent of his writings were the dark and the light incorparated in his tales. “His first novel Cup of Gold was an unsuccessful attempt.” (John Ernst Steinbeck 1). Critics have told everyone that his first attempt in writing was not good, however that never stopped Steinbeck from pursuing his dreams, which pushed him to become the famous author he is today. John Steinbeck an “american author and winner of the Nobel Prize in 1962”(John Ernst Steinbeck 1). During John Steinbeck 's life he was told several times he did not have what it takes and could not make it far enough to be remembered but this is proof of him overcoming what everyone said about him. “beauty and ugliness, love and hate, life and death… never-ending fight for survival” (steinbeck 's trilogy 3). Most of his stories and poems can be based around dark and light, his personal life can be based around never ending fight for survival also. “The sale of souls to gain the whole world is completely voluntary and almost unanimous...but not quite.” (Steinbeck 206). He explains how people have to work hard and that it is voluntary, but him himself pushed

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