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  • Obama Nobel Peace Speech Analysis

    President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the United States was in the odd predicament of fighting two wars. Obama noted the apparent strangeness of this, but didn’t outright say war was bad or unnecessary. Instead, Obama claimed that war was in fact necessary in order to attain lasting peace, (3). He stated that while non-violent intervention is ultimately the desired solution instead of armed conflict, it is sometimes impossible to secure peace from non-violent actions, (3). He…

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  • Saint Faustina Kowalska Research Papers

    “Suffering is a great grace; through suffering the soul becomes like the Savior; in suffering love becomes crystallized; the greater the suffering, the purer the love” (#57, page 29). The saint I have chosen for my confirmation name is Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. She was born on August 25th 1905 in Glogowiec, Poland and sadly passed away on October 5th 1938. Her feast date is October 5th. Saint Faustina had healed a man's permanently damaged heart instantly. When a lady with an incurable…

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  • Diction In Dr. Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech

    people around the world to fight for civil rights. King is most known for his “I Have a Dream” speech, which he gave at Washington D.C in 1963. In fact, the speech was so influential it earned King a Nobel Peace Prize. Other works by King include “Beyond Vietnam,” “Give us a ballot” and his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech ( Editors 1). King’s purpose is to motivate people into taking action against injustice and inequality in legal systems. He particularly focuses on…

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  • Malala The Powerful Analysis

    The article, Malala The Powerful written by Kristen Lewis is about the amazing girl, Malala, who stood up for girls rights against the Taliban. Malala wanted to have an education and she enjoyed school. The Taliban came and took away the lives of many and decreased girls’ rights. They told all girls schools to close but Malala’s stayed open. She made going to school top secret by hiding all her items under her clothes. So Malala stood up and continued to stand up to the point where she got…

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  • Malala Yousafzai Essay Papers

    When Malala Yousafzai decided to write a journal for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), she never thought that it would to lead to her near-death experience. The reason for her attack was simple; she fought for girls’ rights to go to school. No one had ever dared to try and do something so dangerous. The source of their fear came from the Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist political movement which enforced harsh rules in Afghanistan. Malala had loved school, and decided that she needed…

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  • Two Sides Of Extremism

    of the most famous speech all around the world; then at 35 he won a nobel prize for peace "for the furtherance of brotherhood among men and to the abolishment or reduction of standing armies and for the extension of these purposes." stated the Nobel Institute. And instead of keeping the 54,000 dollars he received with the award, he put it right back into the civil rights movement(“Martin Luther King WIns the Nobel Prize for Peace”). Sadly, at age 39 he is assassinated in Tennessee by James Earl…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Malala Yousafzai's Acceptance Speech

    Nobel Causes Although many children believe they have no power to create change in today’s society, Malala Yousafzai decided to stand up for her rights and oppose the obstacles in her life. Yousafzai chose to continue attending school, despite threats made against her and other young girls by the Taliban. The terrorist group then attempted to murder her in retaliation for her defiance. However, she survived and soon became the face of a campaign to give every child the right to education and…

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  • Anne Frank And The Holocaust

    gone to a terrible fate and how incredible unfair it was. Paragraph 14-16 talks about how she is safe while her friends and acquaintances were suffering and walking to death’s door and all because they are Jews. Up next, is a speech from the Nobel Peace Prize about kind-of famous person who told us his experiences when he encountered the anti-Jewish…

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  • Bob Dylan Influence

    Bob Dylan, the American folk singer has recently received the Nobel peace prize in literature, the second to receive this honor for songwriting. The Nobel peace prize is one of five Nobel prizes created by a Swedish inventor, Alfred Nobel. This award was given to Bob Dylan for having created new poetic expressions within the “great American song tradition.” Dylan was not only a musician, publishing six books of drawings and paintings, and his work has been exhibited in major art galleries. As a…

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  • Mother Teresa Research Paper

    Mother Teresa has given others a different perspective on life as well as God."Her Nobel Peace Prize ignited a series of books, articles, and newspaper articles on her hard work and mission" ("Mother Teresa is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, December 10, 1979”). Mother Teresa's work put an impact on others and their work. Others have been inspired to write about Mother Teresa and her great love for God and the…

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