How To Be A Hero Essay

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My essay is about what I believe a hero can be. Many people believe heroes are the people in movies running around in tights, or the people who sacrifice everything, but I believe a hero is someone who can be a simple savior in any everyday situation. My audience is anyone who wants to know what I believe being a hero is. Since the definition can be very scattered, this essay was written to say that being a hero is situational. My genre is motivational because I want everyone to know that they have the ability to be a hero. You don’t have to sacrifice a lot, nor try and be a vigilante. One of the challenges I had was trying to come up with an appropriate experience to write about based on the prompts we were given. Once I chose
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During peer review, we both realized we didn’t use the exact format for the essay, so I had to rewrite my introduction and conclusion. He also said that I described things thoroughly but didn’t use telling details as well as I could. Overall, the essay was a good look back on my life for me and I enjoyed writing it.

Sidney Taylor-Reynolds
Vicki Amour-Hileman
English 1101
2 September 2015
What it Means to Be a Hero It was an average Wednesday night at church. I showed up promptly at 6:20 pm, clock in at 6:30, and greet parents and their children as they come in to be dropped off. Around 7pm, I was coloring a picture of Jonah inside a whale with some little girls, while a decent number of kids played on the “Tree of Life” playground. A calmness filled the air and set the tone for the night. As I sat the coloring, a speech my friend gave earlier in the day kept rolling in inside my head. It was about the young girl, Malala Yousafzai, and how she is an activist, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, and an international hero. At a very young age (11) she began giving speeches on how the Taliban couldn’t
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At the age of 15, a Taliban sniper shot her in head on her way home from school. She miraculously survived, and was transported to Birmingham, England were she was able to receive medical treatment and was able to finish her education. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October of 2014. On her 18th birthday, she opened a school for girls in Lebanon and inspires many girls every day (Editors). Malala is the kind of hero that will go down in the history books. She will continue to inspire women of all ages for time to come. Her story got me wondering “Will I even leave an impact on at least one person’s life before I go? Do I even have what it takes to be a hero?” Malala

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