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  • Martin Luther King Jr Research Paper

    (segregation) King received the nobel peace prize among other honors for his hard work and more thinking into people life (nobel prize) Still after his death many people honor him and remember him as most lauded african american leader in history more remembered for the speech he gave called i have a dream( i have a dream) he was…

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  • Malcom X, Martin Luther King, And James Baldwin

    either salvation or doom,” (Martin Luther King Jr., Nobel Lecture). Justice earned by fire and blood doesn’t equate to freedom, and rightfully so, “we are nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us,” (Malcom X). Many times these issues are a two-way street, meaning when the blood bath starts, someone has to be the first to put down the blade. Just as there is an outcry for justice then and now, there should also be the same outcry for peace. Hopefully this movement will take a turn for…

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  • My Hope Research Paper

    The Hope for the Hopeless Light in illness Have you ever been so sick that you feel as if you are going to die? All you can do is lay in bed helplessly and wait for your body to heal itself due to our strong immune system. We get to skip school and go to our doctor 's office which is usually within an hour drive. We get diagnosed with a cold or the flu and get prescribed a medication and are on our way home within the next hour or so. We get to go home and fight off the illness. We eventually…

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  • Elie Wiesel Loaded Faith

    Faded faith Elie Wiesel was one of the persons that survived the Holocaust. He was an author and wrote totally 57 books. Among them, the trilogy, Night, Dawn and Day, which were about his own experiences of the Holocaust. Wiesel achieved the Nobel peace prize 1986 and he unfortunately died this summer. He became 87 years old. I think the book, Night, is a very special book to Wiesel. He even wrote that if only got to write one book, this would have been the one. I think that is because there…

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  • Malala Yousafzai

    Malala Yousafzai, female activist, human rights spokeswoman, and a normal girl who enjoys quality time with her siblings, is known for her human rights advocacy for the education of women and children in Northern Pakistan, where the local Taliban banned girls from attending school, to limited their rights little by little. Malala was only 10 years old when the Taliban dominated her region and influenced her people through the use of Islam in a very drab, murky way. She was taught to stand up for…

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  • Definition Of Heroism Essay

    Definition Essay On September 11th, 2001, people came from all around the Manhattan area with their boats. They brought people from the big black, smoke-filled city, across the water to safety. Many people consider this event, brought up in the article “Boatlift”, a heroic event. This event wasn’t just one person showing heroism, but hundreds of people. A hero is a determined and an inspiring leader that does what they can, and does not stand by. People, such as Vincent Ardolino, are heroes…

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  • Self-Reliance Vs Transcendentalism

    “You live as long as you are remembered” this is an old Russian proverb which has stood the test of time and has been used to describe those who have long since passed, but still make as big as an impact as they do today as they did when they were alive. For as true as this is, the question remains who exactly is remembered and if so why are they? Does history remember those who wanted imbue others with fear or those who wanted to inspire others to do great things? Between the two who is…

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  • Malal Malala Yousafzai: A Generalization Of Teenagers

    are saying? Older generations believe that millennials have done or will do nothing. They have failed to recognize our accomplishments and hard work. There are teens out there that are breaking sports records, building huge businesses, winning Nobel Peace prizes, even starting their very own organizations to help end world hunger, but you’re right, that doesn 't require dedication or hard work at all. Should we really be putting the blame on our generation for what our society has come to? How…

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  • To A Dead Elephant Poem Analysis

    Elephants and human beings can be family or at least that is what “To a dead elephant” by David Livingstone suggests. It explores the familial relationship between a young boy and an elephant, as they grow up together. After many years together, the elephant dies and as a result the boy, now a grown man writes a poem attributed to his friend. Consequently, the poem or eulogy conveys a very important ecological message that animals and humans can co – exist peacefully. Before his death in 1996,…

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  • Special Occasion Speech Analysis

    Grammy Speeches, toasts, special address, inaugural address, and retirement speeches. It is hard to imagine what these all have in common. All of these speeches are given only for special occasions. Speeches for special occasions are different from the other speeches discussed in the textbook. Special occasion speeches are help give the occasion. In chapter eighteen of The Art of Public Speaking Stephen Lucas discusses speaking on special occasions. Lucas breaks, special occasion speeches in too…

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