Noble gas

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  • Vulcanizing Mold Research

    The gas vents on the circular tread face are nearly aligned with the pre-heating or curing mold support gas vents. Since the pre-heat and curing mold as many parts the space between parts are part of the vents. There are detached block on the outside circumference circular tread face. There is a plug in the circular tread face that is held at the outside circumference of the circular tread face and extend to the inside of the gas vent in circular tread face. The plug extends or retreats depending on the temperature. At molding temperature the plug seals the gas vents and at colder temperature the gas can flow through the vents. The pre-heating and curing mold as vents formed in it. Those vents are connected to the vents of the circular tread face.The gas vents go through the ribs and or lugs of the circular tread face and line up with the gas vents on the circular mold support Noble gas Inside the vulcanizing mold, there is a curing bag that inflate and do many cycles, to get a longer life out of the curing bag, some manufacturer do not put oxygen in these curing bags so it does not oxidize. The curing bag uses a noble gas to prevent oxygen from entering the curing bag. The noble gas is used during the inflation and deflation of the curing bag. There is enough pressure of the noble gas to prevent oxygen from entering at the same time. As the curing bag is being deflated, there is an exterior vacuum pulling the gas out of…

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  • Treachery In Ajax

    Greeks. Ajax’s reputation sprung from his own successes, giving him a title that warrants more honor than the nobility of the Greeks who inherited their honor. While Ajax acted on behalf of the welfare of others, members of Agamemnon’s “noble” family allowed themselves to let ego rule their actions. Teucer recounts how, mad with jealousy, Agamemnon’s father turned Agamemnon’s…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Ice Skating

    Ice skating is a recreational activity that can also be a part of high level Olympic competition. It seems natural when watching someone on the ice gliding so effortlessly, but why is this possible? They are gliding on a solid surface after all. When thinking about solids, slippery is probably not a common word to associate with. However, in the case of ice this happens to be true. Looking at the properties of states of matter, properties of water, and experiments of water and ice, there is…

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  • Catechol Oxidase Lab Report

    Introduction: Enzymes have a huge effect on the human body and other organisms. Enzymes are catalysts that are used to accelerate the reaction process by lowering the activation energy. For this experiment the catechol oxidase was extracted from potatoes. The enzyme is called catechol oxidase because the oxygen is reacting to catechol. Catechol oxidase causes the browning of the fruits and vegetables because the compound is toxic to the bacteria. The purpose of this experiment is to…

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  • Non-Electrolyte Compounds

    If a compound is an electrolyte it conducts electricity by breaking down into ions when dissolved into a solution. A non-electrolyte compound does not dissociate in solution. A non-electrolyte compound cannot conduct electricity because it dissolves in solution as molecules instead of ions. Colligative properties are properties of a solution that depend on the amount of solute dissolved, and not dependent on the identity of the solute. The colligative properties studied in this current…

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  • Theoretical Analysis For Hphx's Performance

    Theoretical analysis for HPHX's performance by using dimension analysis theory. Assumptions Steady operation conditions exist. The surface temperature of the condenser section is equal to the temperature of Refrigerant R-22. Properties The exit temperature of air, and thus the mean temperature, is not known. We evaluate the air properties at the assumed mean temperature of 42OC (will be checked later) and 1 atm as following: K= 0.02722 (W/m.K) …

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  • Flakiness And Elongation Index Essay

    ABSTRACT Flakiness & Elongation index is one of the most prominent criteria that govern behavior and performance of aggregate in the bituminous mixes. The strength and serviceability requirements of bituminous mixture such as Stability, Flow, Voids in Total mix (VTM), Voids Filled with Bitumen and (VFB) highly depend on the physical properties of aggregates. This study conducted by observing the effect of flakiness & elongated index by adding different percentages from 0% to 50% of flaky &…

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  • Titan Project: The Atmosphere Of Titan

    special, and mysterious. Above all, scientists are willing to put their all attentions to study this unknown atmosphere of Titan. This is also a same way that our groups plan to make some missions and built a spacecraft with plenty of instruments, which can send exactly data back to Earth. Hopefully, each instrument really works each other and helps us to reveal mysterious veiling of Titan. Before we introduce the mission, we would like to share much basic knowledge about Titan’s atmosphere…

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  • Characteristics Of Pervaporation And Distillation

    “Hybrid Process (Pervaporation-Distillation)”, Distillation is a separation technique, in which a feed mixture of different components is separated into two or more reaction products by collecting the overhead distillate, formed as vapor or a mix of vapor and liquid, and keeping the remaining liquid solution in the reaction container. To achieve this: firstly, the feed has to contain a liquid or a mix of vapor-liquid mixture at the start of the reaction. Secondly, These different components in…

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  • Errors In Avogadro's Law

    which was fairly close to the theoretical value, 22.4L/mol. In order to obtain that result through calculations, the water vapor pressure and the water height correction had to take place. After, the combined gas law had to be utilized and manipulated to find the volume and divide that volume by moles of magnesium. Being close to the theoretical value, 22.4L, it verifies that one mole of all gases occupy 22.4L in any container under standard temperature and pressure. This information could be…

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