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  • Essay On Effect Of Temperature On Enzyme Activity

    Abstract The purpose of this investigation is to determine whether the temperature can affect the reaction rate of enzyme activity. The enzyme activity was measured by five different temperatures, separated in tubes which later got measured by their height of foam after 10 minutes. Freshly-prepared potato juice was used as the enzyme for catalase. Since temperature is measured by the kinetic energy of molecules, the higher the temperature, the more movement of molecules. The lowest temperature…

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  • Essay On Water Rocket

    Introduction and Overview: For this extended essay, I will be working on building and optimizing different sized water rockets to find out the optimum amount of fuel (water) for each the different rocket sizes. I will be measuring the ranges at which each rocket will fly to find out the optimum fuel level. A brief summary of water rockets: A water rocket is made up of a selection of parts to provide its successful launch: the nose cone which will make the rather snub-nosed end of the large…

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  • The Fate Of Life Analysis

    At the point when the subject of an Earth-wide temperature boost arises during natural discourse many individuals either moan and dodge discussion, or wear their dueling gloves and get ready for a warmed verbal confrontation. A few people feel regretful and concerned; some basically couldn 't care less. Distinctive perspectives yield diverse positions on the subject. Originating from the logical and ecological perspectives, myrmecologist Edward O. Wilson examines the seriousness of a worldwide…

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  • Principle Components Of Rankine Cycle

    Principle components of Rankine cycle: The four basic components of Rankine cycle are shown in figure 1 each component in the cycle is regarded as control volume, operating at steady state. Pump: The liquid condensate leaving the condenser at the state 1 is pumped to the operating pressure of the boiler. The pump operation is considered isentropic. Boiler: The heat is supplied in the working fluid (feed water) in the boiler and thus vapour is generated. The vapour leaving the boiler is wther…

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  • The Effect Of Temperature On Cellular Respiration

    The Effect of Cellular Respiration at Low and High Temperatures Introduction Cellular respiration can include two processes, aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration. The main purpose of cellular respiration is to breakdown sugars into smaller structures so that the cell can use it as energy (Reece, et al. 2014). The main concept of the respiration lab is aerobic respiration. This is the process that organic compounds will be degraded from oxygen to produce water, carbon dioxides, and…

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  • Injection Machine Analysis

    4.6 The Selection of the Injection Machine 4.6.1 Calculation of the Injection Volume Figure 4-8 shows the volume of plastic parts by Solidworks modeling. Figure 4-8 Volume of the Stress Cone Plastic parts volume: Vplastic = 4.198 × 10-5 m3 = 41.98 cm3 Plastic parts density: ρ = 1.2 g/cm3 Plastic parts quality: mplastic = ρVplastic = 1.2 × 41.98 = 50.376 g 4.6.2 Preliminary Estimation of the Gating System Although the gating system of condensate cannot determine the exact value prior…

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  • Surface Tension Effect Essay

    Fig.3 illustrates that the unsteadiness parameter reduces the dimensionless film thickness . Also, for critical value of the unsteadiness parameter the film thickness tends to zero. This implies the film thickness vanishes that this critical value and then the motion becomes impossible. One of the main objectives of this study is to discuss the surface tension effect, according to thermosolutal Marangoni convection effect, on the motion. The increase of the temperature surface tension…

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  • Simple Distillation Essay

    separating liquids with 2 different boiling points. Distillating requires heating and cooling of liquid components to eventually purify the mixtures. In distillation, heat is added to vaporize the liquid with the lower boiling point and this vapor gas bubble is condensed back into its liquid form, where it is then collected in a receiving flask or a graduated cylinder. Multiple distillations and collections, depending on the types of distillation techniques, yields distinct, separated liquids.…

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  • Cyclohexene Lab Report

    Cyclohexene distillation A fraction containing primarily cyclohexene primarily cyclohexene and water is separated from raw cyclohexanone in Cyclohexene column. Raw Cyclohexanone is fed from storage tank to Cyclohexene Column via Cyclohexene heater. In Cyclohexene Heater, the feed is heated up to about 1200C with the heat carried by the bottom product from Alcohols column. The Cyclohexene column is operated at atmospheric pressure and temperatures of 850C at top and 1650C at bottom. The vapours…

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  • Temperature And Pressure Essay

    fixed mass of gas held at a constant volume, which pressure divided by temperature is a constant value. The gas has initial pressure and final pressure of Pi and Pf respectively, and initial temperature and final temperature of Ti and Tf respectively. Therefore, the equation below is obtained: Pi/Ti=Pf/Tf Where, Pi = Initial pressure Pf = Final pressure Ti = Initial…

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