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  • Pros And Cons Of Eating Meat

    The Inbetween of Meat Eating The matter of eating meat is a heavily debated topic, especially with the threats of climate change, population change, and animal cruelty gaining popularity. The production of meat has been linked to the rise in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as methane. This claim has been intensified by the growing population and the food that is needed to support them. While these arguments against eating meats are somewhat compelling, there is plenty of evidence of to…

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  • Negotiating Challenges And Climate Change Analysis

    Finally, many countries, make reaching a comprehensive international climate change agreement difficult by taking on defensive attitudes rather than constructive ones regarding the degree of responsibility they have in global warming in comparison to other states. This, is a determining factor in how much they believe they should need to make changes and contribute to reducing their emissions. In her article: “Negotiating challenges and climate change”, Joyeeta Gupta uses negotiation theory to…

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  • What Is Thermosel Stainless Steel Bellow Expansion Joint?

    Thermosel Stainless Steel Bellow Expansion Joint was designed to utilize the piping system and to monitor the thermal expansion or terminal movement where the utilization of extension circles is undesirable or unreasonable. We offer this Thermosel Stainless Steel Bellow Expansion Joint that can prevent the unnecessary damage caused by vibration, pressure thrust, thermal growth, and other mechanical issues that can affect to the piping system. These Expansion joints are uniquely intended to…

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  • Why Are Volcanoes Important

    Volcano Monitoring The U.S. government should spend tax dollars on volcano and earthquake research because if we continue researching volcanoes scientists can find better ways to predict when a volcano will erupt which can lead to the saving of thousands of lives. Natural disasters are very dangerous and there are some for almost every climate. The one natural disaster that can be in almost all climates is a volcano. Volcanoes can be in places as cold as Iceland or in places warm like the…

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  • Landfills Vs Waste Recycling

    of industrial products such as cans, chemicals, and plastics. These materials are being re-used, and not just being thrown away (“Advantages and Disadvantages of Recycling” ). Global warming is decreases when we recycle. Large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions (Carbon dioxide and Chlorofluorocarbon’s) are produced when waste is burned in large portions. Recycling ensures that the burning process is minimized and the waste is re-generated as a useful product. Additionally, less greenhouse gases…

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  • Fracking Pros And Cons

    rock where oil or natural gas exists, the well is curved about 90 degrees and begins to drill horizontally along that rock layer. The horizontal drilling can extend more than one mile from the vertical well. After the well is fully drilled and encased, fracking fluid is pumped down into the well at exceedingly high pressure. In some cases it can exceed 9,000 pounds per square inch. This pressure is so powerful it can fracture the surrounding rock, creating cracks which gas and oil can flow. The…

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  • Two Global Human Activities Essay

    Two Global Human Activities and How they Create Smog Two Global Human Activities and How they Create Smog Commuting by automobile everyday for work or other human activities may be an average recurrence in the American society but all of the convenience in arriving on schedule comes with a sacrifice, air pollution. Agriculture is also human necessity that releases vast amount of nitrous oxides that help create smog or air pollution; agriculture and transportation are the two human activities…

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  • Fracking Argumentative Essay

    Fracking is a way to get natural gas, but it does more than that. “Just like any other industrial activity, there are risks, but good engineering, in combination with sensible and effective regulation, reduces those risks to maximize societal benefit.” (Fracking is a good idea) Due to the discovery of natural gas in the United States, fracking can save money by no longer buying natural gas from other countries. Fracking is a good idea because it provides jobs, makes energy for the United States,…

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  • How Does Global Warming Affect Human Health

    Effects of Global Warming Over the years, the population of the planet has continuously been rising. The Earth is meant to sustain a population of approximately two million people, but recently the population has increased to almost seven million people. With this rise, a number of problems have presented themselves. The main one causing all the controversy is global warming. The Earth steadily gets warmer, but many people feel humans are not to blame because it happens naturally. Scientists…

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  • Prius Argumentative Essay

    conventional gas powered vehicles and the ever growing hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). In today’s society, carbon footprints and CO2 emissions are often brought up when talking about being environment friendly, green house gases and all other sustainability discussions. Even more so now in conversations of a new car. Ever since the Prius was released in 2000, innumerable amounts of articles have been released arguing…

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