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  • Distillation Lab

    perform. Half the lab groups were tasked to perform simple distillation while the other half performed a fractional distillation. Before beginning the procedure for the fractional procedure, materials were gathered. The lab procedure with the lab manual called for a short neck round bottom flask; however, this was not followed during the actual lab. Instead, the long round bottom flask was used. In addition to the long round bottom flask, other materials included the still head, 10 mL graduated cylinder, 2 pipettes, support plate, the long distillation column, rubber connector with support rode, 2 ring clamps, an additional rubber connector, copper turnings, sand bath, ring stand, a thermometer adapter, and a thermometer1. Before assemble of the distillation apparatus could begin, the 50/50 mixture of ethanol and water needed to be prepared. Using a pipette, 2 mL of water was…

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  • Steam Distillation

    1. Why was a steam distillation performed rather than a simple distillation performed in the isolation of citral from lemon grass oil? Simple distillation is used to isolate a pure non-volatile liquid from another non-volatile substance. Steam distillation is used to separate liquid and solid that are somewhat volatile and immiscible in water. Since citral is moderately volatile, it was best to use steam distillation. 7. Both geranial (1) and vitamin A (2) are members of the class of natural…

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  • Characteristics Of Pervaporation And Distillation

    According to Ahmad S.A. and Lone S.R. “Hybrid Process (Pervaporation-Distillation)”, Distillation is a separation technique, in which a feed mixture of different components is separated into two or more reaction products by collecting the overhead distillate, formed as vapor or a mix of vapor and liquid, and keeping the remaining liquid solution in the reaction container. To achieve this: firstly, the feed has to contain a liquid or a mix of vapor-liquid mixture at the start of the reaction.…

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  • Fractional Distillation Lab

    Fractional Distillation: Lab Report Mixtures can be seen just about anywhere. Mixtures are a substance made of two or more substances. A substance is a particular kind of matter that is uniform throughout. When these substances are mixed together and only mix physically and not chemically, like in a reaction, they are mixtures. Due to these properties, the substances within the mixture can be separated again. Mixtures are separated by one of many separation techniques. Take filtration of tap…

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  • Simple Distillation Essay

    Distillation, described from About Education, is the process of separating liquids with 2 different boiling points. Distillating requires heating and cooling of liquid components to eventually purify the mixtures. In distillation, heat is added to vaporize the liquid with the lower boiling point and this vapor gas bubble is condensed back into its liquid form, where it is then collected in a receiving flask or a graduated cylinder. Multiple distillations and collections, depending on the types…

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  • Distillation Lab Report

    Experiment 1 sought to separate a binary solution into two fractions and determine the identity of the components. This is accomplished through distillation which is the separation of a mixture of compounds. There are two types of distillation; simple and fractional. Simple distillation is used when separating liquids and solids or between liquids with boiling points that differ by more than 40-50°C. On the other hand, fractional distillation separates two volatile liquids in order to achieve…

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  • Steam Distillation Lab Report

    This lab used techniques in steam distillation to extract crude oil from cloves. The cloves were boiled in a round bottom flask and using a hydrodistillation apparatus, the crude oil was separated from the cloves and sent into a clean flask. This step was used to separate the essential oils from the cloves (Setzer, W., 2008). The distillate was poured into a separatory funnel and extracted three times with dichloromethane to extract the water. After being extracted three times, a fifth of the…

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  • Difference Between Simple And Fractional Distillation

    Simple distillation was used for a liquid whose boiling points is 25 degrees Celsius over the other liquid, whereas fractional distillation is used for liquids with boiling points that are closer than 25 degrees Celsius apart. To obtain the highest percent ethanol, fraction distillation is proven to be the most effective. Because the 2 liquids have a boiling point difference of about 25 degrees Celsius, we used both simple and fractional distillation to remove the ethanol from the water.…

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  • Fractional Distillation Lab Report Discussion

    Abstract: Distillation is the process of vaporizing a substance or a mixture; condensing it through the water condenser and then collecting it in the receiving flask1. In this experiment, fractional distillation is used to separate organic compounds that have a minuscule difference of their boiling points. The objective of this experiment is to purify and separate ethanol and water by fractional distillation to achieve the 95% of ethanol and 5% of water; then determine…

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  • Fractional Distillation And Gas Chromatography Lab Report

    DISTILLATION The purpose of experiment 1, fractional distillation and gas chromatography, was to separate an unknown organic mixture into two liquids. The primary process of separation was fractional distillation, which utilizes the physical properties of the two unknown volatile liquids. Once the unknown mixture was successfully fractioned, gas chromatography was used to help determine the identity of the two unknown liquids. Fractional distillation and simple distillation both take advantage…

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