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  • Distilled Water And Hydrogen Peroxide Essay

    Question How does distilled water, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, stabilized, at 3% concentration as a dilute solution), and rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) affect leaves detached from their trees? Hypothesis If I submerge leaves in distilled water, then the leaves will become wet and softer (relative to their original state), because that is what happens to detached leaves after it rains. If I submerge leaves in hydrogen peroxide, then the leaves will become whitened and the distinct colors will be drastically decreased, because I know that spilling hydrogen peroxide on clothes whitens them. If I submerge leaves in rubbing alcohol, then it either will have similar effects as the distilled water, or will assist in preserving the leaves. Experiment Design Description: Eight clear, plastic containers are set up on a level surface. The containers are 16 cm by 13 cm in width and length, and their depth is 5 cm. The lids will not be placed on…

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  • How Does Distilled Water Affect Potatoes

    problem in our experiment is that distilled water gain mass because there is a higher concentration of solutes while the other solutions contain a lower concentration of solutes. The different types of liquid can affect how the potatoes change or not. Our data shows that Potatoes that were put in the distilled water gained mass while the 5% salt water, 10% salt water, Gatorade, and Coca-Cola lose mass. We also concluded that liquids with high concentration gained mass while low concentration…

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  • Distilled Water Case

    The isotonic solution contains nonpenetrating electrolytes that essentially increases fluid in the ECF. The nonpenetrating electrolytes in the ECF help to increase and retain blood volume, thus bring the blood pressure back up to normal. If distilled water was used, the water would just go from the ECF to the ICF as it would hypotonic the cells. This would cause the cells to become bloated and perhaps even lyse. By having the nonpenetrating electrolytes stay in the ECF, the blood volume in the…

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  • Egg Placed In Syrup Lab Hypothesis

    This result supports my hypothesis. The mass of the egg before it was placed into the distilled water and after it was taken out of the distilled water increased quite a bit. The mass before was 74.48 g and the mass after was 89.48 g, a 15 g increase. Both the long and short circumferences of the egg increased also, which further proves that distilled water is a hypotonic solution. The long circumference before the egg was placed in was 16.9 cm and 18.4 cm after the egg was taken out, which is a…

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  • History Of The World In 6 Glasses Summary

    3 Para summary: The novel A History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage explains important events in history based on and/or affected by the 6 most influential beverages that shaped the path of history by highly influencing cultures and politics. From beer to coca cola, the history of the world is covered from Mesopotamia to today. Approximately 12,000 years ago, the hunter gatherers began to settle after discovering the ability to store cereal grains and farm (among other reasons),…

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  • Pruno Research Paper

    To this, add dry fruit, such as raisins or prunes. Pour this mixture into a plastic bag and squeeze the fruit into a mash. Now add the juice from the fruit cocktail, along with some water. If available, add some bread as a source of yeast. Seal the bag tightly. Now heat the bag, perhaps with hot running water, for several minutes. Wrap towels around the bag to keep it warm. That promotes fermentation. Put the bag in a safe place that will remain undisturbed for a couple of days. After…

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  • Efficacy Of P. Putida And P. Fluorescens Isolates

    for 36 h in an incubator shaker at 150 rpm. The culture was then poured into 50 ml falcon tubes and centrifuged for 10 min. at 6000 ×g at 4 ºC. The pellet was washed thrice in 15 ml distilled water and centrifuged. Then it was dissolved in distilled water and the optical density (O.D) of the culture was set at position-1 at 600 nm=107–108 colony forming units (CFU) ml-1 for inoculation (Bhuvaneswari et al. 1980). Maize B73 (Z. mays L.) seeds were then inoculated with selected bacterial cultures…

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  • Stress And Alcohol Consumption

    How a person copes with stress varies from person to person. While some people may work out to relieve stress, another individual may choose to partake in alcohol consumption. There have been many studies to date that study whether or not higher stress leads to more alcohol consumption in adults. Through my review of many literary sources, I have found that there is indeed a connection between stress in adults and their alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption among adults has varying statistics…

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  • Scorching In The 21st Century

    Appendix Removal WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT ACTUALLY TRY AND REMOVE YOUR FRIEND 'S APPENDIX, THIS IS MORE OF A JOKE. I PROMISE YOU, I 'M PROBABLY FORGETTING SOME IMPORTANT THINGS. With that being said, let’s begin. All of a sudden, your friend being his/her non-stop complaining of lower abdominal pain, chills, fever, and a little (which means a lot) vomiting. After a few minutes of hearing them wail and moan, you decide to do something about it. After some searching on WebMD.com and…

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  • Prohibition During Prohibition Essay

    building of the United States of Representatives, and was put in jail for sixty days. After he got of jail he started smuggling liquor into the Senate Office building (Carson). There was a lot of room for corruption, and it slowly started to be accepted. Organized crime wasn’t always gangsters and big time bootleggers, just about everyone would smuggle, sell, and manufacture. Daring teenagers and young men drove to Canada, and come back with packed cars filled with beer or whiskey…

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