Laboratory equipment

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  • Copper Sulfate Lab

    needs these separation techniques in order to have the separate substances. Dependent Variable: The masses of the materials and the mixture. This is measured by using the balance this is the best way of weighing the mass because this is the easiest way to measure mass. Controlled Variable: The original amounts of the mixture. This is the controlled variable because during the lab, the chemist is trying to obtain the original amounts of each of the materials. Materials: - Heating Plates - Mixture #6 - Beaker Tongs - Funnel - Scoopula - Wire Rack - Filter Paper - Balance - Stir Rods - Beakers - DI (deionized) water - Drying Oven - Weigh Boat Procedure: 1. Measure all of your equipment and record the mass onto the data table. a. Subtract the mass of the piece of equipment that is being used to hold the substance from the total mass. b. Make observations on a sheet of paper. 2. Use a stir rod to mix the three substances that are in the beaker. 3. Measure the mass of the solution in a beaker and record the mass of the solution on to the data table. 4. Set up the gravity filtration apparatus as shown in the picture below. a. Measure the mass of the filter paper on the balance before use. b. Place a dry empty beaker under the funnel. c. Place the filter in the funnel as seen in the picture below 5. Wet the filter paper with a small amount of the mixture solution. a.…

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  • Volumetric Pipette Lab Report

    The average water volume calculated for the burette was 10.029 mL, which is 0.029 mL from the actual water volume of 10mL. Because, 0.029 mL was the smallest difference from the actual 10 mL, it is considered the most accurate piece of equipment. On the contrary, the least accurate instrument, the graduated cylinder, provided an average water volume of 9.672 mL, which is 0.328 mL from 10 mL, the largest difference presented from the three instrument…

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  • Flask Synthesis Lab Report

    The available solvents were ethyl acetate and hexanes. Two solvent composition were mixed and created to run the TLC analysis. The solvent of the ratio of 95% ethyl acetate and 5% hexanes and the solvent of the ratio of 95% hexanes and 5% ethyl acetate were created. The TLC analysis was tested to determine which one works the best. The first used composition was recorded. The corresponding TLC plate with circled spots was taped on the notebook. Two solvent systems were kept applying till a…

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  • Importance Of Maintenance Of Equipment

    Procedure: Why it is important: What equipment it is likely to relate to (examples): Knowledge of equipment Knowledge of the equipment in which is in the laboratory is very important, as the equipment in which needs any maintenance is then kept maintained. It is also important so you know the places in which equipment needs to go in and you know where to look for specific things. - Where the glassware is situated as it should all be grouped together to decrease chances of breakages or equipment…

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  • Double Salt Lab Report

    Experimental: Materials – double salt (self-made & EIU Chemistry Stockroom), 6 M HCl (EIU Chemistry Stockroom), 10% BaCl2, 6 M HNO3 (EIU Chemistry Stockroom) Equipment – Ocean Optics Spectrometer USB4000, Logger Pro Procedure – In order to find the mass percent of the sulfate, the sulfate needed to separate itself from the rest of the double salt. To do this, experimenters began by weighing out 0.998 g of the double salt into a 250-mL beaker. They then used the graduated cylinder to add about…

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  • Healthcare Reform On Diagnostic Testing: A Case Study

    Impact on Healthcare Reform on Diagnostic Laboratory Testing The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the diagnostic testing. Getting the proper diagnosis can be challenging and timely process. Perhaps, it is very important to invest in the quality laboratory testing to allow faster diagnosing of the individual, which would lead to the faster and more efficient treatment. “An estimated 70% of all decisions regarding a patient’s diagnosis and…

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  • Explain How A Laboratory Design Affect Its Functionality

    task 2.4 how a laboratory 's design can affect its functionality in this report i will be going over the qualities that are affected by a laboratory design efficiency: efficiency can definitely be affected, if you were to place the sink away from the food preparation area in a food science lab then meat, fish and other food items could not be washed or prepared as efficiently. so in order for the efficiency to be maximised there should be several features in a lab that are kept close together…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Open-Heart Surgery

    When I walk into a hospital and see patients being treated, it reminds me of why I have such a strong passion for medicine. This is because I do not want others to experience the excruciating loss that I first felt and continue to feel after the death of my sister. I lost my sister when I was four, while I was still living in Bangladesh, to a weak and failing heart. At the time, all the top medical doctors in Dhaka failed to have the proper equipment and training to perform an open-heart…

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  • Analysis: My Experience As A Student At Oakton Community College

    In academia, it is a given that an academic institution will be able to provide computer and printing access to the college’s body. These services are vital to both the student and the faculty, as computer laboratories are able to service high-volume traffic and provide relief to all users through multiple computers and allow for a number of tasks to be completed that normally can’t. Such tasks range from printing, to using specialized software such as NCLEX preparation or AutoCAD, to servicing…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Special Education Class

    method of how to solve for x when x+1=2, and the homework questions were likely to be integral questions. They are totally different! Were I missed something during lecture? I questioned myself, and I paid ten times harder in the lecture afterwards, and the homework and exams still turned out to be some ridiculous or totally unrelated questions. The equation was likely to be Rome, though all roads lead to it, I have to make some turns before I can go straight on it. Maybe I am not smart…

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