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  • Seawater And Clean Water Controversy: A Case Study

    An estuary is a body of water in which fresh water from streams and rivers flows into seawater-containing oceans (Estuaries, 2008). The mixture of both seawater and fresh water is termed brackish water (Estuaries, 2008). Salinity depends on the exact location of an estuary, as the salt concentration is nonexistent in the fresh water end compared to the sea water end. The normal levels of salinity are between 0.5 to 35 ppt (Estuaries, 2008). Based on the central location of the fish kill site, the salinity level should be between 0.5 to 35 ppt. The typical pH range for an estuarine system is between 5 and 9, which is the range most finfish populations adapt to live in (pH, 2012). The main chemical species responsible for affecting the pH include the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide (pH, 2012).…

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  • Essay On Osmosis And Salinity

    Discovering a new world below the ocean intrigues me. I have never been one for loving ocean creatures, but I do enjoy learning about the world below us. I found several facts interesting as I read the articles including: how osmosis and salinity functions, how seawater cells move, how pH affects the ocean, how decomposition works in the environment, how upwelling stirs up nutrients, and how water temperature affects organisms. One of the interesting facts discusses why osmosis and salinity…

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  • How Does Ocean Water Affect Marine Life

    currents in the world. The warmer waters found on the east coast create an environment for many different types of marine life, therefore, resulting in a high amount of biodiversity in this region. The coast of South Africa is one of the most biologically diverse marine environments on the planet, containing approximately 11,000 different types of species of marine animals, numerous different marine plant species and roughly 83% of all the marine fish families known to man (van der Elst, 2007).…

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  • Freshwater Plankton Case Study

    Near bottom waters would have higher TAN concentration because of decaying organic matter on the bottom. These waters would also generally tend to have lower oxygen concentrations and higher salinities. When natural upwelling events happen, these colder, high TAN and low oxygen waters would be brought up to the surface. Majority of this TAN would also be in the form of toxic unionized ammonia NH3 as pH of the water would be higher in saltwater environment. So, care must be taken not to draw…

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  • Saltwater Aquarium

    Aquarium can be designed in various types. One of the most attractive types is saltwater aquarium. It is a kind of aquarium that is designed with sea view. Besides that, the fish also belongs to sea fish. Of course, you should also apply saltwater. This aquarium should always be kept well so that the water and fish will always be healthy by removing the dissolved organic compound. To realize it, you need to skim it. There are many skimmers available in the market. If you are interested to look…

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  • Research Paper On Ocean Pollution

    shorelines would be destroyed, and so many other things. Coral reefs are very important to daily life. The medicine cabinet of the 21st century, coral. Coral Reefs play a huge role in the medical field, as many medications are made with coral. Coral is essential to the development of many new medicines. These new medicines could possible treat cancer, arthritis, human bacterial infections, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, viruses, and other disease. Sewage is allowed to be dumped straight…

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  • Analysis Of Lulu Island Marsh

    Introduction In a marsh environment, it can be assumed by many that the studied environment exhibits a descending pattern as the land meets the ocean in a liminal boundary. This hypothetical descending pattern is both literal – an idea of where the elevation of the land decreases as the marsh reaches towards the marsh front, and figurative – that data taken from sample sites at the marsh such as pH, amount of organic matter deposited within the soil, and amounts of specific sediments deposited…

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  • Swimming Pool Research Paper

    As a swimming pool owner if you want a pool that sparkles like a diamond basking in the desert sun, there's three things you must know about proper swimming pool maintenance. In this article I'm going to break down each of these essential points and explain why they're so important. Swimming Pool Maintenance Success Tip #1: Water Circulation. Think of your pool as a big bucket of water. Without adequate circulation and water movement it quickly becomes a safe haven for bacteria and algae.…

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  • Exploring Water Quality In Coastal Environments

    Introduction: Water quality is the scientific measurement describing the cleanliness of water and/or the condition of the water being studied. Factors that used to describe water quality are pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Turbidity, Nitrogen, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Fecal Coliform, Phosphate, and Total Solids. Water quality is important to know because water is a necessary part of life, and people need to know how clean the water they’re using is. Water quality is important for…

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  • Shrimp Aquaculture Temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen After extensive studies, several authors have mentioned certain physical, chemical and biological parameters of water and sediment as important for the aquaculture of marine shrimps. Along with dissolved oxygen, water temperature and salinity are considered as significant parameters because of their close association in aquatic ecosystem (OSPAR, 2005). The maximum water temperature recommended by Nunes et al., 2005 and ABBC, 2005 was 32°C,…

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