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  • Learning A Second Language

    Learning a second language (L2) is a difficult process for children and adults. Learning English as a child is different from learning it as an adult. Both ages have different reasons to learn and different ways therefore, teachers should have different approaches to teach them in order for them to learn and acquire the English as a second language. From their earliest age, children are capable of acquiring a first or a native language (L1) and a second language. Although they do not have any basics for the languages, they are able to communicate. Before entering the school, children acquire simple English vocabulary. Furthermore, in the school they learn major principles of the English language such as simple grammar, writing, and the right…

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  • Second Language Analysis

    difficulties teaching their children a second language in the same time of learning their native language. Parents who are not proficient in the second language, which is used in their children schools, believe that they cannot contribute in helping their children learning it. However, parent-implement and literacy intervention can help children learn both languages and that have been verified by few studies. In her article, “Effectiveness of a Parent-Implemented Language and Literacy…

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  • Learning English As A Second Language

    Learning English as a second language is very challenging, but not impossible. As it is the way in any type of language, mastering the English language requires frequent reading, talking, and writing. As a freshman student at Tennessee State University, I am taking the English 1010course, and I have been studying and preparing for thecourse very hard to achieve the highestgrade possible in the class. This commitment demandsplenty of time and hard work. It also requires a diligent…

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  • The Importance Of English As A Second Language

    backgrounds who are American citizen through, green cards, birth or naturalization who need to master English to be able to receive and share knowledge. Being able to communicate in English for foreign students determines their academic success. Consequently, it is mandatory for NJIT that receives a considerable amount of foreign students, to have an accurate plan of action to support them through the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. The goal of this report is to explain how the ESL…

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  • The Importance Of Grammar In Second Language

    instruction in any language, I believe that grammar should not be included in second language classes for beginners who just start to learn a language. The beginners should learn how to understand the language first. The grammar instruction will be not useful for the students unless they understand the meaning. After they become in the intermediate level, they are eligible to study grammar. Then, when the students become in advance level, they should no longer take grammar classes again.…

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  • The Advantages Of Learning A Second Language

    Imagine walking up to that foreign exchange student in sociology and speaking 100% fluent Japanese to them. The lack of understanding in the United States peaks when discussing other countries. If every American is required to learn a second language this cultural confusion would cease to exist. Employers love when possible employees can speak other languages and communicate with customers in a more direct way. Being bilingual is becoming more and more essential to being part of the global…

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  • Second Language Learning In Schools

    proficiency in both English and another language and thus can conduct research and analysis that is informed by deep cultural and linguistic knowledge” (Kennedy and Hansen). This linguistic knowledge and deep culture that is gained while learning another language is important for the newest generations because of the cultural diffusion that is occurring all over the world. Many ethnicities and languages are living in close proximities with one another, so it is important that there are…

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  • Second Language Acquisition Essay

    The impact of second language acquisition on individuals Second language acquisition, often defined as the process of an individual learning a second language in addition to a person’s first language. This could also be incorporated as learning a third, fourth or fifth language. (Gass and Selinker 2008,p7) The process is usually divided to 5 stages: preproduction, early production, speech emergence, intermediate fluency, and advanced fluency. (Haynes 2007 p29-35) The learning process requires…

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  • Spanish As A Second Language Essay

    many different cultures and races. Within those cultures and races there are many languages. One language 427 million people use is spanish. Children and people of all ages should learn how to speak spanish as a second language. If you learn spanish you can communicate with spanish speaking U.S. citizens, it’s a big help for traveling purposes and it’s healthy for you. According to an article from Pew Research Center they stated that “With more than 37 million speakers, Spanish is by far the…

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  • English As A Second Language Advantages

    warehouses, and factories spread between multiple countries which often speak a different language. For those interested in a career in business or finance, it is becoming crucial that they know the language and customs of their foreign counterparts so that they can form alliances and compete in the global market. The growing work force of China is predominately Mandarin speaking and many nations which the United States trades with speak a dialect of Spanish. While it is possible for an…

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