Second Language Learning In Schools

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Cyrus Berglin
Mrs. Laura Randazzo Freshman Honors English January 2016
Spoken Success
Foreign language learning has played a crucial role in the acceptance guidelines incorporated by colleges all over the United States. Generally, selective schools require at least two to three years of a foreign language in order to be accepted, and the other schools recommend, or highly recommend the same (Petersons: College Admission Requirements). These requirements are absolutely beneficial as new generations develop, and hopefully will be implemented all over the world because of the advantages that the new language provides.
Language is a tool used by the human race to communicate with one another, and by learning another language a person improves
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Plus, the frequent distinguishing between sound and meaning allows for an improved communicator (Paternoster). A universal requirement to take a language before college is crucial because communication is the foundation at which our world runs, and success comes from strengthening that foundation.
As the world moves closer to a global economy, it is important that workers who have jobs that may encounter other countries are prepared to relate to and work alongside these foreign people, and learning another language helps them do that. Authors of T o Advanced
P r o f i c i e n c y a n d B e y o n d s a y t h a t , “ B u s i n e s s , i n d u s t r y , a n d g o v e r n m e n t a l l h a v e n e e d o f p e r s o n n e l with professional­level skills in two or more languages. In particular, many branches of the US government actively seek to employ persons who possess general professional proficiency in both English and another language and thus can conduct research and analysis that is informed by deep cultural and linguistic knowledge” (Kennedy and Hansen). This linguistic knowledge and deep culture that is gained while learning another language is important for the newest generations because of the cultural diffusion that is occurring all over the world. Many ethnicities and languages are living in close proximities with one another, so it is important that there are individuals in every nation that have an understanding of the people
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Author of Th e Importance of Foreign Language Study in the General Scheme of American Education, C. M. Purin, says, “The study of a foreign language develops sympathy and understanding for the more fundamental aspects of the life and character of foreign peoples” (Purin). By creating a general understanding of people that are seen every day, relationships are built more easily and effectively. “Now, one of the real advantages of studying a foreign language, like one of the advantages of foreign travel, consists in the widening horizon, the new viewpoint, in a word, the new experiences we gain” (Dodge Raymond: School Artifice and Psychological Principle in Modern Language Instruction). Endless good comes from the knowledge of a foreign language, for gaining experience has long term benefits that help a person expand their perspective about others. Furthermore, creating a broadened knowledge of culture builds social opportunities which are always good in personal development. A couple years of a foreign language will largely influence the way that a person lives and views the world around them, and that is why it should be required for applicants to take a foreign language prior to college

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