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  • Someone To Watch Over Me Analysis

    benefit since it encourages users to cease to discover unknown possibilities and merely acting within their comfortable areas (222). Stites’s vivid demonstration suggests the virtual world as the ideal environment for people to be in: “Ostensibly, there are no flaws in this world” (Stites 179). Additionally, she still falls into “awkward social situations” (Stites 178) at offline parties even after becoming one of these groups’ respective members. Inevitably, she prefers to be in the “SecondLife” where she gets her life under control and is able to escape from the imperfect reality, as she claims, she cannot stop herself from logging back in the “SecondLife” site to live in her character (Stites 179). Stites is not the only one choosing this solution; Payne writes in her article, “About percent said they used the Internet as a way to escape problems . . .” (457), which, unfortunately, leads to addiction. Overall, Stites is happy since she possesses her second life with a huge network of relationships. Melville, on the contrary, claims that technology has unhealthy effects on its users’ routines. While Payne and Stites touch on the mass media and its communities, Melville analyzes the personalized media and mentions the iPod as a prominent representative. The main statement in his article “Hell Is Other iPods: The Aural Loneliness of the Long-Distance Shuffler” is that the iPod promotes the incohesive tendency among the community: “In an age of atomization and social…

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  • Digital Technology: Should We Be Using Technology?

    relationships. Most people are now accustomed to communicating online, where they can say whatever they want, with little consequence and because of this, real-life communication has become more scarce, and we value it significantly less. People become more shy because they are used to communicating without seeing the other person’s reactions. In fact, people can get so used to digital…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Second Life

    Matt’s last words to me (Darra/Christine) were, “Thanks for keeping me sane”. Matt and I have known each other for the past eight years (in Second Life time that is 17,520 days); in that time we have explored Second life, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and a few other virtual worlds together. He encouraged me to become proficient at WOW and Guild Wars but alas, I am a bit challenged in multiplayer games nonetheless, his patience helped me level up. I use this term because Matt always helped…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In The Second Grade

    How My Life Changed in the 2nd Grade It is fair to say that we all have life changing moments and experiences. How we see those moments and what those moments are change our lives forever. My second grade year was a life changing year for me. What started out to be a really tough time in my life turned out to be a blessing because of my second grade teacher, Ms. Rosie Tubbs, who is still in my life today. My second grade year started out to be what I thought to be one of the worst years and…

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  • The Longest 10 Seconds Of My Life Analysis

    The Longest 10 Seconds of My Life I will never forget where I was in the bank that day when he came in the door. It was nearly 5:30 on a Friday, which meant it was almost the weekend. What made it even more exciting was I did not have to work on Saturday. We had started the preparations for closing so we would be able to walk out the door as close to 6:00 as possible. I had my back turned counting the money one of the floating tellers had just sold to me. It was a very laid back environment…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In Second Life

    Having 10 years of experience in Second life has been both rewarding and problematic. I have seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of second life resident’s behavior. Even though I have the years of seeing a little bit of everything the grid has to offer, there are still some things that leave me in awe or have me shaking my head wondering what the fuck (WTF)! Today I thought I would share a few with the readers of the SL enquirer my top WTF moments. Second Life family incest The…

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  • Personal Reflection: The Strengths Of Time Management

    Time management is a problem that everyone experiences, some people are better at it than others, but we all struggle with it. Life is a busy thing and we often fall behind. This project gives some insight as to how time is being spent by tracking every action made for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for an entire week. The data collected provides an opportunity to look at where time is being spent throughout the week and can be helpful in showing where time is be wasted the most.…

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  • Effects Of Bilingualism On Intelligence Of Learning A Second Language

    Effects on Intelligence of Learning a Second Language as a Child Introduction: Learning a second language in early childhood reaps many benefits for intelligence. While Learning learning a second language at any time in one’s life brings benefits, but learning a second language early in life can be is even more beneficial for not only mental strength but also health. “Mapping the Bilingual Brain” by Chris Berube led me to this research question be interested in bilingualism and wonder what…

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  • Essay Benefits Of Bilingualism

    The Benefits of Bilingualism Being bilingual means being able to use two languages effectively in four skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. Because of the demanding of English language in almost every aspect of life since English language is one of the global languages, there are a lot of people who are willing to learn English as a second language to improve their life. However, learning second language is not limited to English only, but also there are different languages…

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  • Creativity And Creativity

    reading, but for Morningside Elementary School this is not the case. The children at this particular school in Salt Lake City, Utah, are able to learn a second way to communicate. This language immersion school teaches the children a second language of either Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, or Portuguese along with the standard curriculum.…

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