Second Vatican Council

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  • The Second Vatican Council Analysis

    A1. Pope John XXII announced the Second Vatican council (ecumenical council) of the Roman Catholic Church on January 25, 1959, as a chance for the church to take part in a renewal. Pope John XXII called the Council shortly after he was elected. He noticed that the Church needed to make the message of faith relevant to people in the twentieth century. Ecumenical councils had been called before, but usually during times of great crisis for the church. To most Catholics in 1959, the church didn’t seem to be struggling and most Catholics couldn’t even comprehend the problems that John clearly saw in the Catholic community. Even thought there weren’t any problems going on inside the Church, the Church noticed the trauma and fear that both World War I and World War I were putting on the members of the community. Seeing his people struggle, Pope John XXII conscience kept telling him to call the council more and more. On October 11, 1962 there was invitations sent to Protestant and Orthodox…

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  • Essay On The Second Vatican Council

    Research Paper: Second Vatican Council The Second Vatican Council began in 1962, and convened in 1965. In those brief three years, some of the Catholic Church’s long held traditions either changed or went away. For some it was the ushering in of the new era of a modern Catholicism. For others, it signaled the destruction of centuries of traditions, and the devaluation of some of the most sacred rituals. It is true that the heart of Catholic teachings were untouched, and that the beliefs that are…

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  • Second Vatican Council Analysis

    all in the text: if it says the earth was created in six days, or that gay sex is wrong, they are the facts and unfortunately this forbids room for changing interest. In response to these internal issues the Church presented the idea of the Second Vatican Council with the aim to ‘throw open the windows of the catholic church so that we can see out and the people can see in’ (Pope John XXIII, 1962). The process and structure the church followed during the council was exceedingly inclusive and…

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  • Bernard Pusak: The Second Vatican Council

    when he was quite young. After Bernard completed high school he went to study, to become a priest, in Rome. During his time in Rome he worked as a “delivery boy” during the second Vatican Council. His job was to pass out all of the different documents and information that the Bishops needed during the meetings of the council. He primarily worked during the last session of the council. He returned to America after he was ordained and got a job at Villanova University. He said masses and worked as…

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  • The Catholic Church: The Second Vatican Council

    The Second Vatican Council It is not an overstatement to say that the Catholic Church has changed more in the twenty-five years since the Second Vatican Council than it had in the previous two hundred (Komonchak). Pope John XXIII announced the creation of this council, also referred to as Vatican II, in January 1959, much to the surprise of the awaiting world. There had not been an ecumenical council — an assembly of Roman Catholic religious leaders meant to settle doctrinal issues — in…

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  • El Salvador Research Paper

    In the encyclical Populorum Progressio, Pope Paul VI extended the individual principles of the Second Vatican Council to nations and exhorted believers to pay attention to the way global economics holds under-developed nations down while enriching the developed nations that use them.”The same duty of solidarity that rests on individuals exists also for nations: ‘It is the very serious duty of the developed nations to help the under-developed’.” Pope Paul VI recognized the disparity that existed…

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  • Purpose Of Church Essay

    The Purpose of the Church The purpose of the church is a question that arises for many Christians today. Why should I go to church? Many may go to church so they can appear to be a “good Christian,” but do they really understand why they are there? In Matthew, the church is said to be “the kingdom.” Hebrews 10:25 says “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—all the more as you see the Day approaching.” This verse not only gives the…

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  • Roncalli Canon Law Essay

    This law governs the affairs of the Catholic Church, especially the law created in the Roman Catholic Church by the Pope. In other words, Canon Law is simply the rules, structure, discipline and procedures of a religion. This law of the church was revised during the Second Vatican Council. These positive changes made by Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council have influenced and shaped the church hugely and still has a heavy influence on us today. For example, if the decisions of the…

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  • Summary Of Vatican II: The Church In The Making

    My choice for my second paper was the ecclesiology of Vatican II and the book you assigned me was Rediscovering Vatican II: The Church in the Making by Richard R. Gaillardetz. At the publishing of the book it had been forty years since the close of Vatican II and the publisher thought it would be a great idea to publish books that make the teachings of the sixteen documents more accessible to Catholics. This book focuses on three of the documents, you could say one major, Lumen Gentium, and two…

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  • Meaning Of Religion

    As most humans wonder, what is the true meaning of religion, and what religion is right? There are handfuls of religions that you could believe in, but what makes yours righter than someone else’s? That is why I will be explaining serval author’s arguments over what they believe of religion and all its meanings. Many of this authors do argue similar ideas as they also do disagree on many things. The four passages I will be summering for you are “The Great Question Ch.1”, and “Religion Ch.3” by…

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