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  • Why I Choose To Join A Community College

    You have applied for admission in a community college. You got the admission in that college. You have met the counselor and planned everything that you need for your major. But when you try to register for the classes, are you able to register for all the classes that you need? What if you don’t get the classes that you need for your major, because they were full? So what are you going to do if this is happening to you every semester? You don’t have to worry about that anymore-I have all the information that you need to know. After graduating from high school, college opens a gate for a lot of new opportunities. Students choose to join a community college over a traditional 4-year under graduate college due to various reasons. It is a fact that 29 percent of the University of California and 51 percent of the California State University graduates have started at a community college (“Key facts”). Once a person has joined a community college, registering for the required courses is the most important part. Taking the classes required for the major, as planned with the help of a counselor, is important as it will help the student to finish the courses…

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  • Reason For Attending College Essay

    Majority students are asked “What do you want to do after high school?” Most do not know, some are on the fence, but majority students know what their plans are and that’s to go to college. Students dream of going to big prestige colleges or colleges right in town. When students apply and get the golden acceptance letter, their dreams and hopes have come to reality and the world stop. Excitement runs through and everything seems amazing until, the price to attend is shown. Students start to…

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  • Student Involvement In College

    Panther Palooza, fails to offer significant information involving the clubs, sports, organizations, and services offered to all the students on campus. As a result, the rate of student involvement is particularly low. Different solutions can be implemented, such as more high school visits or student involvement requirements. Another solution can be that at every orientation, a separate sector of the meeting should focus on a presentation exclusively on student involvement. Student involvement…

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  • Community College Experience

    For example, Community College Day. Honestly I never knew how much of a big deal it was until I actually imagined the world without community colleges. When I was in high school I was a fairly good student with good grades but I am a horrible test taker. So anything like a Benchmark, STARR, or TAKS was a nightmare for me. Eventually those tests brought my average down and I wasn’t able to go straight to a university so I had to apply to a community college. So that’s one factor as to why…

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  • Learning Styles In College

    assessment, I was surprised to find out that I am a very organized person. My two main learning styles were: solitary and logical. Both of those learning styles tell me that I am organized and like things neat and clean. This would be helpful in college because in order to be successful you must be organized. Being neat and organized really helps when taking notes or studying for a test because it allows you to be able to quickly find what you are looking for and be able to tell what you took…

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  • What Is Community College Essay

    says c Community college isn 't what he called “cheap seats” it is open for anyone who wants to pursue a career, learn some new skills. They can transfer to 4 year degree after 2 year they saved a lot of money. A quote that Rasoul said that stand out to me was when he said “Saint Paul College is the key to our economy wilder research rejected the results of a study that estimates the economic impact of Saint Paul on the twin cities to be 250 million dollar and estimate 2,471 jobs”. I knew…

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  • Fidelity Of Implementation

    Fidelity of implementation is critical in improving student-learning outcomes. In order to grow from our mistakes, we need conscience data that will inform our decision process. I currently sit on the SRBI team at Westside Middle School and one of the greatest disconnects we have noticed is that teachers are not always connecting their daily lesson planning to SRBI. Let’s say, hypothetically I was appointed as a central office administrator and charged with improving the SRBI process at the…

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  • Trail Blazer

    someone who creates their own pathway to success, while maintaining enough determination to preserve through self-doubt and pessimistic opinions. Trail blazers are natural born leaders who leave a lasting impression on everyone they encounter. Being a trail blazer, I believe I encompass the characteristics required to be an outstanding candidate for the Keystone Honors Academy. Truthfully, I did not always recognize myself as a trail blazer. Prior to my junior year of high school, I believed I…

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  • Big Colleges Vs Small Colleges

    But what if the student can’t study well or when they’re in class and they don’t understand the material well enough or the instructions weren’t clear to them. Having such a big class can make it hard for a student to actually pay attention and hear things clearly. If a student’s study habits and time management isn’t the best when they are at home with family and or friends, how are they going to keep up with their work when they are on their own. They could always have friends that could help…

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  • Research Paper On America's College Promise

    Obama (Calvert 2). Let’s say you decide to go to a community college after high school. You would most likely be saving a lot of money by going to a community college instead of a four-year school or university. Imagine how much you would save if all fifty states in the U.S. decide to have community colleges free. I am interested in this topic myself because I will soon have to be looking at colleges and thinking about what I want to do with my life. I also need to start saving money for…

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