Student Involvement In College

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Providing incoming college students with all the necessary information to succeed and have a positive experience is highly essential. Student orientations are meant for this purpose, though, they must be properly organized. The orientation provided at Morton college, also known as Panther Palooza, fails to offer significant information involving the clubs, sports, organizations, and services offered to all the students on campus. As a result, the rate of student involvement is particularly low. Different solutions can be implemented, such as more high school visits or student involvement requirements. Another solution can be that at every orientation, a separate sector of the meeting should focus on a presentation exclusively on student involvement. Student involvement is one of the main keys to a successful experience in college. According to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), students who are involved commit more time and effort both academically and socially. The majority of students take services and clubs for granted because they are either inadequately informed, or even because they do not expect much of a community college. The …show more content…
However, students who have children to take care of can always register them in the Child Learning Center on campus while they engage in their education and take part in the campus community. If the Child Learning Center is full, information is always found on the Student Activities Desk regarding other child care facilities near the school. Also, if students have a job, they can still be a part of the activities on campus. There are multiple events that clubs host throughout the day, and even on weekends. Therefore, when students show true interest in the clubs, they can always communicate with the club officers about the events they are able to attend. Every student has a fair chance to take advantage of what Morton college has to

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