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  • The Folly Of Secularism Analysis

    Secularism does not exist in a vacuum in France it builds upon the negotiation between the religious and secular and has done since 1905. The Muslim headscarf has been a matter of ongoing debate and controversy in the secular state that is France, this continually leads to an ostile image being constructed for Islam, despite the promotion of universality that is allegedly key to the French Republic. This essay discusses the Hijab in France in regard to Jeffrey Stout’s ‘The Folly of Secularism’ and is structured in three main parts. The first part looks at how Secularism is reasserted, the way in which event intellectual, political, social shifts are changing through analysing firstly the controversy itself, then laïcité. The second part discusses…

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  • Secularity In France

    mark French secularity as progressive and pluralistic, Wallach Scott discusses this as a form of French Racism. Scott continues by arguing that French feminists initially had been critical of the contemporary, western consumer society’s tendency to reduce women to sex objects, however, this view transformed when the headscarf became an issue of debate in regard to French secularity. Secular politics is not limited to ideologies, but includes the symbolism of religions in clothing as framed by a…

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  • Ataturk And Secularisation

    is that ‘Old Turkey [is] like a dungeon and it ought to be a paradise’, loved by all Turkish. This aligns with ideas of Shinto secular, in that the aim was to create a sense of nationhood and to unify Japan, facilitated through the nation-state, in Turkey, as Keral argues, secularisation was an initiative to enforce a single ideology in opposition to the Ottoman empire in which multiple ideologies, pan-Ottomanism, pan-Islamism and pan-Turkism all existed. Secularisation is a global phenomenon of…

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  • Beyond Religious Freedom

    Saba Mahmood in her recent book Religious Difference in a Secular Age delves deeply into the nuances of how the secular state acts in regards to religious freedom and minorities. While we had seen such ideas such as the secular state’s ability to craft a particular definition of religion when creating governmental policies in Elizabeth Hurd’s Beyond Religious Freedom, Mahmood pieces much more of the theoretical depth underpinning the secular state (its role, premises, temporality, and religious…

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  • Maryam Adedayo And Idris Eze: The Nigerian Legal System

    In dealing with the situation regarding Maryam Adedayo and Idris Eze, you should go through the state legal system. The Nigerian federal legal system is far too secular, and will not truly be able to bring about true justice in the eyes of Allah. If we really want to interpret what it is Allah would view as justice, then this matter should be dealt with by the Islamic community, rather than the Nigerian government. Afterall, it was the prophet himself who said, “Let there be a community among…

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  • American Cultural Values

    Secular/ Rational and these are culture values. The traditional is a society that value religion highly, they emphasize on the deference on authority, they also value family as the core of a social structure, and they reject the idea of divorce, abortion, euthanasia, and suicide. When it comes to secular/ rational it is the total opposite because they have less emphasis on religion, authority, family and a greater acceptance of divorce, abortion, euthanasia. In the same fashion, when it comes…

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  • The Role Of Religion In William T. Cavanaugh's Essay '

    In an Essay written by William T. Cavanaugh, he realized that many scholars were unable to define and distinguish religion from secular nations. He questioned why religion had only recently been separated from political institutions, by providing the example of the Aztec religion. He stated “Is Aztec ‘politics’ to blame for their bloody human sacrifices, or is Aztec ‘religion’ to blame?” He suggests that although many argue that Religion plays a major factor in the cause of conflicts shouldn’t…

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  • Difference Between Sagnation And Secular Stagnation

    1) Secular stagnation can be considered as being a period where a market based economy suffers insignificant or no economic growth at all. In this case, the economy is unable to grow which leads to stagnation. However, the main difference between a structural stagnation and secular stagnation is secular stagnation affects the workers in a given country experiencing no economic growth while structural stagnation affects both unemployment in the country and constrained outputs in a global outlook.…

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  • Steven Crowder: Secular Extremism

    According to a contributor at Fox News, Steven Crowder, religious extremism is not the only kind of extremism in the world. He states that a more alarming form of extremism is called secular extremism. Secular extremism demonstrates the same terrorist ideologies but is seen in a more positive light, as its battle is ‘moral’ against that of the ‘evil’ theistic terrorists in the world. He uses the example of James Lee, who held innocent people hostage in the Discovery Center building to further…

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  • Pennenberg's Response To Secular Western Culture

    Pennenberg’s response to secular western culture is presented in what he believe are the causes of the effects of secularism. His premise is build up around the loss of legitimacy in the institutional ordering of society. Pennenberg contends that without a belief in the divine origin of the world there is no foundation for order. I believe what he is conveying is that secularism alienate us from religion. He feel that religious wars and destruction of social peace prompted the historical…

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