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  • Working Girl Psychology

    For this assignment, I watched Working Girl. I selected this one because it is a romantic comedy depicting a young woman’s avenue to success. The main character is not your average passive person that would fall into being stereotyped by her colleagues or society. Tess McGill is a hard working secretary, who is trying to get ahead at work while she’s in the process of attaining a degree. Tess knew that all of her hard work would eventually pay off. It was very rewarding to watch how Tess was able to use her ambition to become a successful businesswoman. The three topics that were demonstrated in this movie that we have learned in class were stereotypes, proactive personality, and negotiations. The movie starts out with Tess working…

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  • Administrative Assistant Position

    I wish to be considered for an APS 3 Administrative Assistant position with CrimTrac. I believe I am a strong candidate for this role due to my relevant experience in similar roles, and my highly-developed professional skill set. I am currently employed at Hillross Financial as an Office Administrator/Receptionist. This role requires me to be the first point of contact for all current and potential clients, and other external stakeholders. I am a high performer in this role due to my strong…

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  • Summary: A Career As An Administrative Assistant

    holds true that this is what I would like to do after I receive my degree. Where I also researched a career in Project Management, I have found that being an Administrative Assistant matches what I would like to do. This is the career that meets all of my personal and professional requirements. Some of my requirements or ideal specifications in what I would like to do include location, salary, expectations, skill, description, and my personal desire in a job. (Occupational Outlook Handbook:…

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  • Reflection: Gilchrist Grater Living

    practical knowledge of how some departments operates in a hospital. The Internship not only helped me gain more experience, but it made become more responsible. The responsibility comes from the commitment of the schedule, completing required paperwork, and work with people who are well experienced. For this internship, my plan was to commute; however, it was challenging to drive for an hour and a half every day. The positive part of this experience was that it anything taught me the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Monroe Doctrine

         The Monroe Doctrine was presented by President James Monroe in his annual address to Congress in 1823. Essentially its author, John Quincy Adams, who served as Monroe’s Secretary of State, wrote the Doctrine as a proclamation to the United States’ opposition of European colonialism. As of today the Doctrine has been re-interpreted and extended in a variety of ways to conform to the situation at hand, such as President Theodore Roosevelt’s Corollary.…

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  • Personnel Dilemma In An Organization Case Study

    salient, thus, ontogeny requires adaptations and innovations. This paper analyzes the personnel dilemma in an organization from the perspectives of both machine and organism. Facts The State Department of Education has over 50 sections and divisions that provide programs for public schools and higher learning institutions. In an effort to reorganize the department of education, a planning commission was established with an understanding that an additional secretarial position would be created…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue A Career As A Healthcare Administrator

    Healthcare Administration Also known as Medical and Health Services Managers, Healthcare Administrators perform a variety of administrative duties within a health care facility such as a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home, and group medical practices facility(O-net, n.d). Depending on the area of expertise in the workplace, their titles can vary such as a Nursing Home Administrator, Clinical Manager, Health Information Manager, and Assistant Administrator(Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).…

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  • Essay On Becoming An Administrative Assistant

    It is without saying that earning a college degree has been one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors of my life. It has literally taken me twelve years to complete what should have only taken four. I have grown as a technological individual since beginning school in the year 2003 when computers were only necessary for writing papers and doing some research when most research was done manually with these things we used to call books. As I approach my graduation day next Sunday, I sit…

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  • Secretary Of Treasure Essay

    The Secretary of Defense holds a paramount job in the U.S. Government because of the importance of its department. Actually, the Secretary of Defense must be a citizen of the United States with large government or administrative experience, and who has not served in the U.S. armed forces in the previous seven years. The Secretary of the Defense is assigned by the President with the consent of the Senate, and is considered as the member of the Cabinet and the National Security Council. Holder…

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  • Why Be A Class Secretary Essay

    I want to run for class secretary for a multitude of reasons. In general; however, I feel that I am the best person to represent our class in this position. I am not the most popular but I am very passionate about serving my class as secretary. The secretary is responsible for taking the notes at meetings and dealing with general paperwork. My method of organization and my creativity helps me to do well in my classes. Being organized will help me to keep all my notes in check. Good note…

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