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  • Why Should Security Guards Should Be Banned?

    to the security offers hired to protect the people and to keep the people safe, but most security officers don 't keep citizens out of harm 's way at all. Because armed security guards are more harmful than helpful, security guards should not be allowed to carry guns in public places. One reason security officers should not carry guns is because the United States does not regulate armed guards the way they should. Of the fifty states, fifteen states…

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  • National Guard Vs Homeland Security

    US Army Reserve vs. National Guard for Homeland Security and US Border Protection The recent increase in over 60, 000 unaccompanied children flooding across our southern borders, coupled with the United States inability to stop the smugglers from bring them across, points to some critical weaknesses in our Homeland Security protection. Before terrorist can exploit these weaknesses, America has to find a way to fill the gap. One possible solution to fix these gaps in our security is to use the…

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  • Security Guard Essay

    make. You can either radio the other guards to alert them of the intruder or you can run and find the intruder yourself. What do you do? Security guards are the people who protect people's property whether it’s a building or valuable goods. They can do a variety of jobs from preventing shoplifters to driving an armoured car full of cash. Getting a position in security is a great move because people will always want their…

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  • Narrative Essay On Security Guard

    The Security Guard "Scars are your greatest medals in life" by Matshona Dhliwayo My experience as a child was amazing, I thought that being an only child would be lonely and boring but I got to grow up with my cousins who lived two house down. My cousin Lily is six months older, and her brother Wilfredo is one year and a half older, even though my age was closer with Lily, I got along more with Wilfredo, he taught me how to climb trees, play lava land (jumping from one couch to another, if…

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  • Situational Crime Prevention Essay

    other measure that can help detect the criminal activities. According to Snarr, J., & Pezza, K., (2000), the absence of any true security professionals is also a threat because there is no one that can stop the violence if any of that takes place. The crime requires to be controlled and this place is quite prone to criminal activities because this place is crowded all the time and any criminal can enter this place and get mixed with the regular crowd and cause troubles to innocent…

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  • The Importance Of Prison In Orange Is The New Black

    There are a variety of things that scared piper in prison that would hold on to her after she served her sentence but the most scarring situation Piper and the other inmates have to deal with is the security guards taking advantage of them. The security guards do not have as many rules as the prisoners and since they can not go run and tell on them since they are locked up it is very easy for them to emotionally or physically abuse the women and get away with it with no consequences. During…

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  • Sexual Assault In College Campus Essay

    and raped by the two basketball boys she got a ride from, and eventually a third basketball player (Couric). Brennan’s story goes to show how easily a sexual assault on campus can happen. Because the University of the Pacific provided little protection for women being assaulted on campus, Brennan is scarred for life. She is forced to face the fact that she was assaulted at her own school because of the lack of prevention being done to stop this kind of danger. Sexual assault on college campuses…

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  • My Trade Choice In Homeland Security

    My trade choice is homeland security and my reasons why are as follows I can see myself in a Place of protecting people and making sure everybody can feel safe in their own area of living and also knowing the others in my work will also protect them while they are in a different area then their own. I made this choice to come to San Diego Job Corps Because I know this is a great program it gives you a second chance on life and gives you everything you will need to know about the area of work you…

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  • Racism In The Justice System Essay

    It seems as if African American struggle for equal rights as citizen is still ongoing. For example, George Zimmerman an armed neighborhood watch security guard shot and killed an unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman did not follow direction when the 911dispatcher told him to stay in his car. Instead he gets out of his car and shot and killed the young man. Instead of him getting arrested and charged he was acquitted on self-defense. Marissa Alexander, a battered African American woman…

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  • The Importance Of Theater Violence

    The lights dim in the theater and moviegoers are excited to see the premier of a highly anticipated film, when suddenly a gunman walks into the theater, and opens fire on the crowd. This may seem like a scene from a horror movie, but on the night of July 20th, 2012 this scene became all too real. At the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, James Holmes killed 12 people and injured 70 more. This horrifying incident changed the way people go to the movies. Security was increased at…

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