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  • Cyberwarfare Report

    Cyberwarfare is defined as a new generation of war that uses computers and software to attack networks and acquire data or damage important infrastructures to get advantage in a military campaign. Nowadays, cyber espionage to obtain access to data bases is common. By using viruses or spyware hackers can invade military or governmental networks to get classified information in order to gain intelligence. An example was the cyber spy GhostNet supposedly used by China in 2009. According to the report presented by the National Security Institute (NSI) (2009), there is “documented evidence of a cyber espionage network—GhostNet—infecting at least 1,295 computers in 103 countries, of which close to 30% can be considered as high-value diplomatic, political,…

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  • Virtual Conflicts

    that cyber space should be legally protected to ensure the free global flow of information within what they perceive to be a global market of ideas. The US Department of Defense defines “Cyber operations” as ‘the employment of cyber capabilities where the primary purpose is to achieve objectives in or through cyber space’. The US often treats cyber space as a completely different domain from cyber operations. As a consequence, ‘the US has separated virtual space between terrestrial and social…

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  • Essay On Ethics In Irregular War And Cyber Warfare

    This paper seeks to better understand ethics in irregular war and cyber warfare. Notably the relationship between US and China. Both actors are two major developed economies, which highly depend on the Internet. Therefore they are both remarkably exposed to cyber war. In addition, we will see how both actors use cyber warfare to towards each other. Cyber warfare is defined as “actions by nation-state used to invade another nation´s networks or computer to cause damage and disruption.” Today…

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  • Coast Guard Cyber Security Analysis

    Intro, Importance, and Summary (U) In 2015, the United States Government suffered the biggest cyber-attack against a federal agency to date. The Office of Personnel Management reported that up to 21.5 million instances of personal data was stolen by hackers. Many more attacks have occurred recently, and cyber-attacks have become a common occurrence with billions of attacks carried out on various federal agencies each year. Pew Research Center recently conducted a study, and found that the…

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  • The Ascendant Conflict Analysis

    In the novel, The Ascendant, by Drew Chapman, the United States was in a cyber war with China, where literary elements such as plot development, foreshadowing to create suspense, and point of view are skillfully used to drive the novel. Each of these elements help to convey the story’s central theme: when a war begins to break out, the military are not the only ones whose lives will change entirely. The team attempting to fight back in this covert war against the Chinese faced many struggles,…

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  • Cyberwarfare As An Act Of War Essay

    militaries alike the world over have heralded the dawn of a new age of warfare. Fought not by the fittest and toughest where death could come at any moment, Cyberwarfare could be launched in dark basements by computer professionals with little regard for the health and fitness standards of traditional militaries. Composed…

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  • Cyberwarfare: Technologically Interconnected World

    Cyberwarfare Since the 1900’s with the start of the Internet, the world has become more and more dependent on it. The word cyberwarfare is very well known across the world in the current days because everyone lives in a technologically interconnected world. It is defined as actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation 's computer or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption; also we can include non-state actors such as terrorist groups, companies, etc. After this new…

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  • Compare And Contrast Nuclear Cold War

    Through computer-generated methods, the three superpowers could hack into the others power grid and cause major power outages, which could have a number of effects on the surrounding area. It could provide an open door for more hacks and lead to international chaos. Additionally, cyberwarfare could be seen through another country or a proxy of theirs changing the orders of a commander. For example, Russia or one of Russia’s proxies, could hack into the US Command Control System and alter orders…

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  • Analysis Of William Gibson's Neuromancer

    complex ideas, the thing that made Gibson’s novel so well received critically was the fact that one way or another, the technology presented in Neuromancer is slowly becoming a reality. Gibson’s ideas on the impact of an Internet network have been surprisingly accurate. Much of the technology found in Neuromancer is still a while away. However Turner states, “What we do have are the negative aspects of the novel” (Turner). One of the most contemporary forms of crime, cyberwarfare, is without a…

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  • Spear Phishing Attacks

    The digital revolution, which started in the 1950s, has introduced us as to the cyber world. Thanks to the Internet and wireless technologies, the information-sharing has revolutionized the world, made significant enhancements in science, engineering, and medicine; created a large number of billionaires and has a tremendous impact on our daily life. It also rendered the physical boundaries between the countries less significant because most of the mankind is now very well-connected and interacts…

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