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  • Safe Cycling Research Paper

    SAFETY Good cycling is safe cycling IMPORTANT • Always wear a protective helmet when riding a bicycle. • Always hold the handlebars and keep your feet on the pedals. • Slow down at road junctions and look both ways before crossing. • Give way to pedestrians and to motor vehicles. • Watch out for vehicles pulling in and out of traffic and for doors opening on parked vehicles. • Do not cycle on pavement. Always use bike paths or cycle tracks when available and keep to the side intended for cyclist. • Do not ride a bicycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. • If in doubt about the efficiency of the bicycle brake system or the comfort of the riding position, consult a competent bicycle mechanic to make necessary adjustments. • If the handlebar grip becomes loose, consult a competent bicycle mechanic to replace grip or to secure with suitable adhesive. Do not ride a bicycle with loose handle grip. • Do not ride more than two abreast. Ride in single file on busy or narrow roads. • Do…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Cycling Study

    Cycling is a sport everyone. From the top athletes on pro-teams competing in grand tours, time trials, and putting in thousands of miles and hundreds of hours every year. Recreational riders that enjoy participating in local organized event, group, and charity rides. Mountain bikers looking for steep climbs and gravel trails. Elderly people who want a low impact and fun exercise to stay healthy find cycling to be the perfect choice. And commuters, who leave their cars at home and get from point…

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  • Road Biking Speech

    will make a great difference in your riding. Don't stick to a position when riding. Move your hands and rear end regularly. This will prevent your rear end, hands, and arms from becoming numb. Avoid cycling with headphones. This is a very dangerous thing to do when cycling. It will distract you from focusing and paying attention to car horns and road signals. There are several small radios that you can attach to cloth if you must listen to music or news. Braking…

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  • Hero Bike Industry Analysis

    “The Cycle-to-work scheme enables your employees to get 1 bike and accessories up to the value of €1000 Income Tax. This shows that the government is actively investing so much in the industry (Dublin City Council 2016). With political pressure from the U.N., The Irish government will be creating new legislation to protect the cycling industry, ensuring its growth, as well as investing more money into the sustainable transport industry, the bicycle industry and into electric bikes. The figures…

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  • Social Representations

    “Other People, Other Times and Special Places”: A Social Representations Perspective of Cycling in a Tourism Destination was published on June 15, 2009, in the Tourism and Hospitality Planning & Development journal. Both of the authors, Janet E. Dickinson and Derek Robbins, are professors in the University of Bournemouth. This study uses the social representations theory (Moscovici & Hewstone, 1983) as research framework to analyze cycling in a UK tourism destination (Purbeck, Dorset). In the…

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  • Bicycle Industry Essay

    It is estimated that today there are two billion bikes in use and that by 2050 that number could rise to five billion. Industry Analysis The Irish Bicycle Business Association is the Irish trade body representing cycling retailers and businesses within the cycling market in the Republic of Ireland. “The association represents the key stakeholders in the bicycle industry, worth over €260m per year in the Republic of Ireland” (ibba (no date) Home). Main distributors in Ireland Bicycle Industry…

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  • Advantages Of Non Motorized Transport

    4.5 Non-motorized transport Cities are increasingly turning to the use of non-motorized transport because of the benefits it brings to the environmental and economic aspects. Today, for a variety of reasons (health, environmental, financial, and others) cycling is increasingly popular, and is the most outspread and effective form of non-motorized transportation. The bicycle originated in Europe in the 19th century as a mean of recreation and since then has spread worldwide. The concept has not…

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  • Narrative Essay On College Experience

    as a means of transportation turned into something more. During his time working as a dishwasher as Old Tymers Café, Brown met two other Ft. Lewis students who were into mountain biking as well. “The 3 of us started learning about mountain biking together. We asked around town, went to the bike shops and found out who was doing stuff, where the trails were, and we just started going out riding all of the trails people were doing at the time.” Partnering with Outdoor Pursuits, which ran the…

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  • Biking Essay

    There are drawbacks for not being ahead of the game, as well as valid reasons on why we are much less robust in the cycling culture. The reasons on why Chicago, and America in general is not a bike friendly country such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen outweigh the reasons on why it should be. Looking at the drawback of not being a leading nation in biking is something that needs to be addressed as there are many reasons why it’s an eminent activity. Biking promotes good health and wellbeing not…

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  • Lack Of Bike Lanes In Ancaster Essay

    is relevant to the many people that ride their bicycles in Ancaster and those who drive around them. The lack of bike lanes is an issue because it poses a safety concern to those who cycle in Ancaster and puts drivers nearby at risk because cyclists might not have appropriate or safe areas to bike. This also discourages possible riders from cycling in Ancaster. It can also cause damages to infrastructure and property that is used as an alternative to a proper bike lane, such as lawns, curbs, and…

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