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  • Cyber-Terrorism And Terrorism

    Terrorism cannot be defined by one uniform definition. There are many different circumstances the prevent this. Each terrorist group has their own set of ideals, customs, means and motives. The reason they carry out criminal acts is because they believe they have been wronged. In the eyes of the organization, the only thing that will fix the injustices brought upon the is a public display of violence. Any act that has the following components may be labeled and terrorist attack: premeditation, political motivation, violence, and the act must have been committed against victims who did not warrant or provoke the attack (Schmallger. 2015. p 574). Because of the different motives for terrorist organizations, there are different types of terrorism.…

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  • Terrorism: Terrorism And The Geographic Nature Of Terrorism

    Terrorism is not a new phenomenon for us. The term “terrorism” originated in French Revolution in 1789 to describe the behaviour of revolutionaries. However, with the development of technology, international terrorist activities become easier, we heard the news about terrorism more and more frequently in the past few years. In order to protect the countries from terrorists, some countries passed laws that allow government to use extreme measures against terrorists. Those actions caused great…

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  • Definitions Of Terrorism And Terrorism

    Terrorism is defined as “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims” (Oxford). Violence and intimidation are tactics used by certain individuals and groups to inflict harm, incite fear, and gain power to obtain their goal. However, the Oxford definition is an extremely narrow definition of terrorism, in my opinion there are many other facets of terrorism that were not mentioned in the definition. Terrorism is hard to define, although, broadly stated I would define…

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  • What Is Terrorism,?: What Is Terrorism?

    The question ‘What is terrorism?’ can be answered in a varying number of ways. A variety of scholars have attempted to define the term, each with differences but with more similarities. To define it in its most simple format, it is ‘the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims’ . Wyn Rees defines it as ‘a particular type of action, in which violence is employed for a political purpose. It is conducted by non-state actors against non-combatants, with the aim of creating…

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  • Domestic Terrorism And Global Terrorism

    parties are currently debating, in the upcoming presidential election, is the topic of domestic terrorism. Even though liberals’ and conservatives’ have different opinions and views on how domestic terrorism should be handled, a solution should be found…

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  • Terrorism: Terrorism And Terrorism In The United States

    According to Merriam-Webster: Terrorism: the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal With all the dark forces fighting the assimilation that once made America a superpower, it seems fit to analyze some of these vices. It seems every day, CNN reports a new terror attack, shooting, or bombing somewhere in the world and terrorism has grown and evolved into something everyone, even Americans, fears. People keep looking over their shoulder…

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  • Terrorism And International Terrorism

    Terrorism is a very serious and extremely common crime in the world today. The evolution of terrorism is very complex, however in the beginning of the twentieth century the most often used method was assasination. Since then, terrorists have displayed much more significant threats and acts of terrorism on different parts of the world. Terrorism is generally defined as the unlawful use of force against persons or property in order to intimidate the government, frighten the civilian population, or…

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  • Terrorism: The Impacts Of Terrorism And The French Revolution

    Terrorism is a term that seventy years ago was nearly unheard of in Western civilization. Today, it is a word we are all too familiar with. We can find acts of violence all throughout history. We see acts of violence develop into terrorism as early as the eleventh century and progress to become more organized and politically driven from that point. While politics are often a target or goal, terrorists are also motivated by monetary gain and religion. An official definition of terrorism has…

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  • Terrorist Attacks: Terrorism And The Fear Of Terrorism

    Terrorism is a rapidly growing issue surrounding the world today. In a study done by Lentini the 2014 midterm of the United States ,were people voted on ideal situations, 71% of American voters worried about terrorist attacks on the U.S. (2003). This indicated that terrorism impacts everyone in the world, whether it be in fear of getting attacked or being attacked. Terrorist attacks have several has similarities to crimes, which include shootings, murders and bombings. Terrorist and…

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  • The Causes Of Terrorism

    Terrorism has been a phenomenon since the creation of man and colonized Earth. This phenomenon is linked to the existence of social relations between human beings, and linked to the existence of the struggle between right and wrong, good and evil, increase and decrease according to the expansion or contraction of circle of human relations. Abnormalities in human actions and behavior of an individual or a group are existing in all times and ages since time immemorial. So this phenomenon appeared…

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