Domestic Terrorism And Global Terrorism

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The Republican and Democratic parties have been the most influential and present political parties within U.S history, for the past two centuries. Though, being that they are both political parties, each one has a different views pertaining to social issues. According to the American people, many of the those within the Republican party hold a Conservative view on social issues, while their counterparts, being the Democrats, tend to have a more liberal view. One of the issues in which both parties are currently debating, in the upcoming presidential election, is the topic of domestic terrorism. Even though liberals’ and conservatives’ have different opinions and views on how domestic terrorism should be handled, a solution should be found …show more content…
According to the Heritage Foundation, “Dialogue between the U.S. government and the Muslim community could help to prevent acts of violence and xenophobia …and our Department of Homeland Security should use the full extent of the law to stop potential perpetrators” (Singh-Sohal). By doing so, the conservatives believe that they would be able to stop the spread of terrorism on U.S public lands, as well as help to stop the influence that domestic terrorism has on global terrorism. Though many believe there is no correlation between global and domestic terrorism, based on research, domestic terrorism does indeed affect global terrorism. In the Journal of Peace Research it is stated that, “shocks to domestic terrorist events impact transnational terrorism out to 10 quarters into the future. This realization means that prime-target countries for transnational terrorism must devise counter-terrorism policies that also account for the spillover of domestic terrorism” (Enders). Following this statement it in turn causes many to question why domestic terrorism isn’t seen as such a great threat to the American people, as global terrorism. This question can be answered by looking at the

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