Compare And Contrast Acts Of Terrorism

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Contrasting Acts of Terrorism
The very mention of the words terrorism and terrorist incites a variety of negative emotions for most people. An individual’s dread of bodily harm or worries about the condition of the state creates a condition of extreme fear. (Levav) There are two very different aspects of terrorism affecting our world today. There are the physical acts of terroristic violence, and there is cyber terrorism. Whether it’s physical terrorism or cyber terrorism, the psychological affects on today’s society remain very similar; an underlying feeling of anxiety. However, there are differences in the execution of both types of terrorism, and there is a contrast in the way we combat them.

While modern physical terrorism and cyber terrorism
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Launching a cyber attack does not require as much logistical support. (DCSINT) In fact, it could be carried out by one person from anywhere in the world. Physical attacks, on the other hand, take a fair amount of planning, personnel and material to execute. Physical attacks do not require an individual with the specialized skills of a computer programmer. The specialized skills of a computer programmer are not as easily obtained, as the general skills needed for a physical attack. Cyber attacks do not result in as much individual accountability as a physical one and are more anonymous. The perpetrators of physical attacks usually end up dead, imprisoned for life, or severely maimed. Cyber attacks result in less severe consequences, such as reduced prison sentences, restrictions to the access of electronics, or exile. (DCSINT) However, some penalties for cyber terrorism that were less severe in the past could be changing globally. Pakistan recently introduced the death penalty for these crimes, and the United Kingdom recently defined “Unauthorized computer access” as a crime punishable with a life sentence. Another contrast of the two types of attacks is the differences with which nations and agencies are combating the respective …show more content…
(Littleton) One month after the attacks of 9/11, a former national security cyber terrorism expert expressed concern about the launch of a cyber attack, which would cause confusion and panic. Most recently, the “SONY” attacks by North Korea and the hijacking of the web site ‘Ashley Madison’ by the group known as The Impact Team, was an attempt to not only destroy software or equipment, but was an act of cyber terrorism used to exploit sensitive information that could be detrimental to lives of politicians, business leaders, and thousands of others. (Ellyatt) “When a U.S. military plane crashed in Chinese territory in 2003 after computer hackers attacked American systems with viruses, the academic, Dr. Alan Ryan, warned that cyber terrorism was the way of the future and the nation’s security experts would have to focus their attention on the problem.” (Murrill) In response to the undeniable fact that cyber terrorism is a relevant and dangerous threat, President Barrack Obama bolstered cyber terrorism defense. Today a “cyber war” is taking place. Government agencies and corporations have tripled the hiring of cyber security experts, and the field is one of the fastest growing and in- demand areas of the global workforce. (UBLS) The U.S. military has created a specialized task force within U.S. Cyber Command, pulling personnel from all branches of

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