Teryl Rothery

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    Hallmark 's Cedar Cove will always hold a distinctive place in my heart for a variety of reasons, and I will admit that Teryl Rothery is one of them. I was introduced to this exquisite actress through that show, and I can still remember sitting there in my chair watching her portrayal of Grace. I so identified with her character, and once I began to research Teryl 's career, I was awestruck with her versatility and extensive range of her abilities that she has had the opportunity to demonstrate over the course of her impressive career. Recently, Teryl graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her chosen profession as well as her notable (and current) sci-fi and Hallmark works. teryl-rothery-hallmark-channel-2015-winter-tca-party_1.jpg…

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    I had known Dylan {Neal}, Teryl {Rothery}, Tim {Timothy Weber}, and Sebastian {Spence} for many years, and Bruce {Boxleitner} had played my and Jennifer Garner's Dad in a TV movie, Zoya, from 1975. I'm obviously a bit of a name dropper, sorry about that. Anyway, Will Jeffers was an incredibly fun character to play because he was the black sheep brother to Andie MacDowell's overachieving and loved judge Olivia Lockhart, which she played amazingly well. Off camera, she and I kept it very light and…

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