Hallmark's Cedar Cove: Character Analysis

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Hallmark 's Cedar Cove will always hold a distinctive place in my heart for a variety of reasons, and I will admit that Teryl Rothery is one of them. I was introduced to this exquisite actress through that show, and I can still remember sitting there in my chair watching her portrayal of Grace. I so identified with her character, and once I began to research Teryl 's career, I was awestruck with her versatility and extensive range of her abilities that she has had the opportunity to demonstrate over the course of her impressive career. Recently, Teryl graciously agreed to answer a few questions about her chosen profession as well as her notable (and current) sci-fi and Hallmark works.

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With every answer, I found myself captivated with Teryl even more than I had been in the past. There is a dynamic charisma that I first witnessed from the moment I saw her depiction of Grace Sherman, and I think that is a substantial reason why so many fans are drawn to her and stick with her for life. Exceptional actors come and go. Beauty queens appear and fade. Dancers, singers, and so much more grace our screens, both small and big, and the vast majority are unfortunately commonplace. But with Teryl, she could never be labeled humdrum or ordinary . Her presence on-screen is awe-inspiring, and her fan interactions off-screen are genuine, kind, and memorable. No doubt she is proud of her accomplishments over the years, but she has never permitted success (nor even lack of) to go to her head. She is as pragmatic and humble as they come, and she never tires of the craft and challenge of bringing a character to life. Her acting prowess has been proven over the years, and thankfully, she has never lost her benevolent and caring deameanor. If you missed Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House, I hope you get a chance to see it before Hallmark retires it for the year in lieu of their Countdown to Christmas programming. I would invite you, however, to look up Travelers if you happen to be in Canada, as she is appearing on that show. If you 're in the U.S. like me, you have to wait until December to see it. In the meantime, be certain that you are following Teryl at the links below. She often posts some crackerjack pictures from nature to family to animals, and she is also adept at keeping her fans updated on her projects and

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