Character Analysis: Ellie's Story By W. Bruce Cameron

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Paragraph 1, Introduction

Ellie's Story is about a search and rescue dog named Ellie. Ellie's Story is by W. Bruce Cameron, who also wrote the novel A Dog's Purpose, Bailey's story, Molly's story, Max's Story, and many other books all based off of A Dog's Purpose. A Dog's Purpose even had a movie made about it. EllIe's story didn't have many main characters. Some of the characters consist of Jakob, Ellie's first partner, Maya, Ellie's second partner, Ellie herself, Albert, Maya’s husband, Wally, and Belinda. Some of the minor character are Georgia, Ellie's old dog sitter, Emmet, Stella, and Tinkerbell (Maya’s cats), Geoffrey, Gypsy, and Cammie (Ellie's kennel buddies), Mama, Jakob's wife and his daughter Alyssa. Some locations we see in Ellie’s
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Ellie searched for people and found some, but something was off, they were cold and didn't move and didn't have the spark and smell a normal person had. Maya could tell Ellie was getting sick of finding dead people in the rubble, so she asked one of the guys helping them to hide so Ellie could find someone alive. This did brighten Ellie's spirits, so after Ellie found some dead people the guy would hide again. One of the rubbled down building however, did have someone alive, and dead. Ellie first found the dead person and then wanted to find the alive one but Maya thought she was going to find the dead one again. So once again Maya had the man hide so Ellie could find him. Ellie didn't go to the person she was supposed to, she went to the woman in the rubble to save her. While Ellie was trying to find the woman without Maya she got some type of acid on her nose. Once Ellie got to the woman she nuzzled her and started barking to get Maya and the rescue team's attention. Maya and the team came to the rescue for Ellie and the woman. Although the acid that got on Ellie's nose damaged her smell and forced her to retire as a search and rescue dog,at least Ellie knew she stopped rescuing to save someone's

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