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  • Dog Breed Discrimination

    Dog Breed Discrimination Some dogs, like the Great Dane or Tibetan Mastiff, for example, are dangerous because of their size. Others, such as the German Shepherd and the Pit Bull, can be trained by their humans to perform acts of protection or aggression that can injure the subject of their attentions. However, certain breeds of dogs have earned their terrible reputations, often labeled as vicious or aggressive because of they react violently and interact with other dogs and humans that way. But how did they become that way? They weren’t born to act that way, they were RAISED that way. Growing up I was raised around Boxers, Dobermans, and Mastiffs. One of the world’s three most dangerous dog breeds. Never once did they show any signs of…

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  • Informative Essay On Dog Breeds

    Dog breeds Golden Retriever Siberian Husky Boxer Lifespan 10-12 years 12-15 years 10-12 years Litter 4-12 6 6 Behavior Reliable, friendly, kind,confident, trustworthy and intelligent. Outgoing, alert, gentle, friendly and intelligent. Playful, devoted, bright, loyal, energetic, friendly, calm, cheerful, confident, fearful, brave and intelligent. Health Hypothyroidism, subaortic stenosis (SAS), eye disorders, elbow dysplasia, mast cell tumors, and seizures. Osteosarcoma is also occasionally…

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  • Cavachon Breed Dogs

    Breed History: The Cavachon is is cross-breed between the Cavalier King Charles and the Bichon Frise and is a very new hybrid breed which is not currently recognised by the AKC. They originated in the US with the first being bred in 1996. Due to it being a relatively new breed, proper breed standards are still being established but the Cavachon brings out the best qualities from a Cavalier King Charles like its sweet, gentle nature while adding a bouncy, playful attitude like that of a…

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  • Cattle Dog Breed

    Australian Cattle Dog Breeds Breed Type: Herding Weight: 35 to 45 pounds Elevation: 18 to 20 inches for Men, 17 to 19 inches for FemalesAustralian_Cattle_Dog Coat type: Weather-resistant, short and little rough external layer of layer and also thick and brief internal layer. Color: Pups are carried white and also acquire their colour within couple of weeks that can range from blue-mottled to red-speckled. There can be other markings as well. Australian Cattle Dog are also known as Queensland…

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  • Low Maintenance Dog Breed

    8 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Regular grooming is a very important aspect of responsible dog care. Not only does it mean checking your dog for any signs of fleas or ticks, but it also means making sure your dog looks clean and doesn’t have that “doggie smell.” As not all dogs are created equal, some dogs require more extensive grooming routines than others. Here’s a good mix of active and low-energy dog breeds that have very low grooming needs. They are perfect for aspiring dog parents who…

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  • Dog Breed Research Paper

    Dog Breeds with Fewer Health Problems There are over 150 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Not only does each one of them have a different size, personality and activity level, certain breeds are also predisposed to certain health conditions. This does not mean that a dog belonging to a certain breed is guaranteed to acquire a genetic disease or develop a fatal condition. It only means that the breed has a lower or higher chance of acquiring health conditions compared to…

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  • Smartest Dog Breed Essay

    Top 6 Smartest Dog Breeds Are you looking to grow your family by welcoming a four-pawed friend in your home? More than just the size, looks and personality, it is also very important to consider the breed’s intelligence level in deciding what dog to get for your household. Intelligence plays a big factor in a dog’s ability to learn commands, as well as its capability to perform the tasks consistently and how well it responds to training. Here are some of the smartest dog breeds that you…

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  • Dog Owners Should Not Be Breed Banned

    Any dog owner and lover would agree that their pets are like family. Each animal with their own personality, responses, and temperament. Breed specific legislation, or breed banning is an ordinance passed by local government basically banning a specific breed or group of breeds of dogs that are considered dangerous. I strongly believe that banning specific dog breeds is not an effective way for keeping the public safe from dog bites or attacks. The ban does not notice differences in each dog 's…

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  • American Pit Bull Terrier Essay

    well-known breed of dog for polarizing reasons. Some know them as affectionate, loyal companions; trusted around children, the elderly, and other smaller breeds of dogs. Some may even recognize the breed from recruitment flyers for WWI, as at that time the American pit bull terrier embodied American masculinity and toughness. Delise, (2007) notes the following: However, for over half a century in between, 1920–1970, millions of Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, American…

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  • Pitbull Controversy

    Out of all the different breeds of dogs, Pit bulls tend to top the list of controversy. Those who own the breed pose arguments stating that pit bulls are intelligent, obedient, and extremely loyal. Those opposed to the breed argue a different viewpoint of vicious attacks, aggressive behaviors and illegal dog fighting. Despite difference in opinion, pit bulls are a danger to society because of their aggressive tendencies, fatal attacks, and ignorant owners. Pit bulls have a tendency to have…

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