Smartest Dog Breed Essay

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Top 6 Smartest Dog Breeds

Are you looking to grow your family by welcoming a four-pawed friend in your home? More than just the size, looks and personality, it is also very important to consider the breed’s intelligence level in deciding what dog to get for your household.

Intelligence plays a big factor in a dog’s ability to learn commands, as well as its capability to perform the tasks consistently and how well it responds to training.

Here are some of the smartest dog breeds that you should consider:

1. Australian Cattle Dog

Bred for herding purposes, the Australian Cattle Dog is a courageous and hardworking dog. It is also very intelligent and energetic. As such, it requires a good deal of mental and physical exercise to keep it properly
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They also have the ability to understand and communicate with signals and commands.

4. German Shepherds

These popular guard dogs are well-known for their strong built and powerful stance. But the German Shepherd doesn’t only exhibit strength due to size. It also exhibits strength due to its superior intelligence and vigilant instincts.

5. Poodle

More than its luscious coat and sassy demeanor, Poodles are also known for their sense of humor and intelligence. They can easily learn commands very well, and they are also quick to learn patterns or lists of actions that are in quick succession to each other. This is the reason why they highly succeed in obstacle courses and skill competitions during dog shows.

Poodles may sometimes be naughty to get your attention, but they are extremely eager to please their masters.

6. The Border Collie

Bred to think independently, the Border Collie is an active and hardworking dog that thrives in activity it tries. More so, it is highly-trainable and intelligent. This makes them natural achievers in various canine sports including flyball, agility and obedience

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