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  • Reflection Of A Guide Dog Essay

    Summary: Guide dogs are trained from the day they are born. The Guide Dogs foundation trains these dogs, mainly golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, a mix of both of those, and poodles. These dogs are trained to aid the blind veterans and military personnels. They are trained to replace a cane, give them comfort, keep calm around other people, and more. Guide dogs as puppies are brought into a foster home. With this they are socialized with people from different ages and different animals. All of this training helps with going around in stores or parks with there future owner. When the dogs are placed into a home, it takes a lot of time and thought. When a dog is placed, the first thing that happens is the candidates for a guide dog take a survey about their daily life. After this, they are introduced to the available dog and are given a trial dog that they train with for a week or two. At the end of all this, they are placed with the dog that has a similar personality to them. Backward-Looking Reflection: I knew a lot about guide dogs and the charity fair project before this. I know a lot about dogs and before this I already knew the process of placing a dog. I also knew how guide dogs helped blind people in their daily lives. For the charity project, I have done this project last year but not the same way. Obviously, we did this in one…

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  • Smartest Dog Breed Essay

    very intelligent and energetic. As such, it requires a good deal of mental and physical exercise to keep it properly stimulated. An added bonus: The breed is also easy to train, groom and maintain. 2. Rottweiler The Rottweiler easily makes it on the list of the most intelligent dog breeds because of its appetite and aptitude for learning. It has an excellent ability to learn and listen to commands very well, thus proudly earning its role as effective police dogs. They also make for…

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  • Prison Puppy Programs

    programs and policies in place to help rehabilitate and educate the inmates in the correctional facilities across the states. The Prison Puppy Programs is an example of an effective implementation of one of these programs in the US Prisons. They have programs that allow dogs that would otherwise be euthanized in shelters to be trained and socialized by inmates. In those situations the dogs are giving the inmates the emotional support they need while dedicating their time into making the dog…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Service Dogs

    help track criminals. In Baltimore, Maryland, the first successful K-9 unit in the United States was organized and is still considered one of the best training centers today. German and Belgian shepherds are the most common breeds used in police work. They have a keen sense of smell, high energy so they won’t tire easily on long shifts, they’re extremely loyal and willing to even die for their handlers to protect them. They can work in cold or hot weather, so they can be used in a variety of…

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  • Essay On Service Dogs

    dog, the dog must naturally have a calm, confident manner. Service dogs are generally young when they start their training and careers. Puppies learn to be comfortable around humans at an early age. When training begins, they learn basic obedience just like a normal puppy would. From there, dogs undergo training specifically detailed to their job. Each job specialty takes a different amount of time. This process generally takes anywhere from eighteen to twenty-four months. Once trained and…

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  • Should Pitbulls Be Banned As Pets

    Yes because they are good dogs it just deepened on the way the owner treats the dog. They are good service dogs and hunters. Pit bulls should be allowed as pets because they are watch dogs and the can protect you of any danger near by they can protect your family from any danger near them. I know that you think that Pit Bulls are a bad dog but they can protect you and warn you of any danger near you or some guy trying to steal something. Just because you think that Pit Bulls are bad dose not…

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  • Essay On Dachshund

    Thesis: Although dachshunds are an excellent breed of dog to own because they are charming in appearance, easy to care for and loyal to their owners, they do present certain challenges. Introduction: When searching for the right breed of dog, I suggest looking at owning a Dachshund. They are more commonly known as “wiener dogs” because of their long bodies. I have the pleasure of owning one and know how intelligent, loyal and personable they are. When considering choosing a dog, many people are…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Max And Tyson

    Chantae Jacobs My dogs Max and Tyson are one in the same. They’re both amazing silly dogs that love to play. They both have a lot of energy throughout the day and always find something to get into. Max and Tyson also have a lot of the same eating habits. Although they love food they are very hesitant to eat in front of people. It’s actually pretty funny to watch dogs wait for me to leave to devour their food. They also show similar patterns in their actions. There have been situations when…

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  • Peer Pressure Beneficial Essay

    Peer Pressure: Sometimes Beneficial We as students in a dog eat dog world all thrive on fitting in. Some of us are the leaders of the group, and others want to fit in with the group. Whether we are a leader or a follower, we just want to be accepted. If we are accepted to the group, then we feel the need to act as the others act. This can sometimes bring benefits, but it can also bring turmoil. As students striving to achieve acceptance to the inside world of high school, we may not…

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  • Why Dogs Are Affectionate Pets

    Dogs more than any other type of animal have developed to become highly acclimated to humans and our behavior and emotions. While dogs are capable to comprehend a lot of the words humans use to interact with them, they are even better at understanding the human’s tone of voice, sign, and mannerisms. Dogs are really “ our best friend” and coworker[s]”, they benefit and help humans in many different ways, such as, improves health and mood, create a healthy life style, beneficial for older adults,…

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