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  • Role Of Agriculture In Agriculture

    Agriculture in most developing economies is the core sector providing a livelihood to a significant proportion of population, especially in rural areas. Since this sector faces the largest burnt of underemployment, unemployment and poverty, a growing agriculture and allied sector is expected to contribute vastly to overall growth and poverty alleviation. Increasing the productive capacity of agriculture through higher productivity has been an important goal in developing countries. There has been decline in the share of agriculture sector in the overall gross domestic product (GDP) mainly on account of the high growth in services sector. The share of agriculture in GDP was 29.76 per cent during 1993-94 to 1995-96 and this fell to 16.7 per cent during the period 2004-05 to 2006-07. Agriculture is the dominant and major sector in the country as well as in Kashmir and is considered the backbone of state economy, in reality; however, it has been treated as as a backbone without a spinal cord, because its position has been deplorable. From time immemorial rice has been the staple crop in Kashmir grown through out the valley of Kashmir and the staple food of the indigenous population. Yet, the state has never acquired self-sufficiency in food grains, in spite of agriculture sector continuing to be the major sector contributor to the state domestic product. However the analysis of data reveals that the dependence on agriculture as a permanent occupation is continuously declining.…

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  • Family Structure And Gender Roles

    relationship and lineage, defines a family in the Ladakhi sense: one third of houses host three or more generations (extended), while half host two (nuclear), with defined rights and obligations for each person (Jolden, 2013, p. 113). Even the family name is derived from the house name. The location, animal names or even occupation when Ladakh was a kingdom inform the choice of house name (Mann, 2002, p. 64) and, in turn, the Ladakhi equivalent of a surname. The family functions as a social…

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  • What Are The Factors That Affect The Health Of Women

    It is evident that there are multiple factors that can affect the health of women during pregnancy. Although it may seem that the factors are in the woman’s control, the lack of resources, the beliefs and culture, and the society in Ladakh India impact both maternal and infant health. Widespread use of biomedical services is shown in both an ecological context, as well as a cultural context. In an ecological context, hypoxia associated with the high altitude of the region places stresses on…

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  • Aksai Chin Case Study

    another face-off in the Aksai Chin region. How this cold and wind-swept desert became a seemingly intractable dispute is tale worth telling. It was the ambitions of two Kashmir Maharaja’s that saddled India with its two biggest security challenges. We know how Hari Singh’s vacillation led to the invasion of his realm by the Pakistani raiders in 1947 and what followed is well known. But not so well known is how the ambition of Maharaja Ranbir Singh led to the cartographic annexation of Aksai Chin…

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  • What Is Climate Change?

    the Arctic and Antarctic due to global warming and climate change is reported frequently. However, the melting of the Himalayan glaciers goes largely unreported, even though more people are impacted. Presently 10% of the earth’s landmass is covered with snow, with 84.16% of the Antarctic, 13.9% in Greenland, 0.77% in the Himalaya, 0.51% in North America, 0.37% in Africa, 0.15% in South America, 0.06% in Europe. Outside the polar region, Himalaya has the maximum concentration of glaciers. 9.04%…

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  • Summary Of Bhabani Bhattacharya's Music For Mohini

    the University of London and returned India in 1934 after taking his Ph.D. degree in History. His marriage with Salila Mukherji in 1935 proved to be a boon to his literary career. In 1950 he was appointed Press Attache to the Embassy of India in America where he spent the rest of his life as an active creative writer. He was appointed a Visiting Professor in 1971 in the University of Hawaii where he wrote his last novel,”A Dream in Hawaii”.Dealing whole life with epoch making events Bhabani…

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  • The Routes Of M Travels In The Paved World Analysis

    Amazon River. Secondly, he traverses over a frozen river trail that is forty-miles long, called the Chaddar in Ladakh. He traveled with a group of Zanskar’s teenagers, who were looking to leave their homes in the Himalayan village and further their education in the outside world. Thirdly, he ventures to Kenya and learns how the AIDs epidemic began. Here Conover spends a lot of time with a trucker named, Obadiah and becomes very good friends with him. This led Conover to revisit Kenya, to see how…

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  • Education In Carol Black's Film, Schooling The World

    see the American culture; “American’s” have all the name brands, the flashy jewelry and mansions, luxurious cars; well, we need to make masses of money. Thus, if you take what is viewed as the “normal route”, the more educational background you have, the more money you will make. Working our way back from generation to generation- education shows indication of decline. Education wasn’t forced or emphasized as much in our previous generations as we see it in our generation. Some cultures view…

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  • Philosopher's Stone Argumentative Analysis

    “can reduce emissions by 80 percent compared to gasoline” (Car Emissions and Global Warming, N/A). Although electric cars do not use the sun’s rays and energy to power the cars, the cars use electricity instead. A primary issue that will deter consumers from purchasing Tesla automobiles is the price. Tesla cars can range from about 50,000 dollars to 100,000 dollars or more, depending on the model of the car and the amount of watts per mile. Fortunately, there are other motor vehicle companies…

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  • Case Study: Time For Love: Perrelet '

    For its first public appearance, the Perrelet Maison invited SC Bern, one of Europe’s leading ice hockey teams, drawing a subtle yet clear parallel between the sport and the watch. Price on request. For more information, visit Mountain man (Note to art: Hallmark Suits) This season, Hallmark Suits takes their legacy of excellent craftsmanship to the next level with Mysticals of Leh, a collection that finds inspiration in the unexplored realms of Ladakh.…

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