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  • Importance Of Lahore Resolution

    Introduction Lahore Resolution which is also called Qarardad-e-Lahore, famously known as the Resolution of Pakistan. It was a result of the clear statement adopted by the All India Muslim League at the occasion of its 27th annual session of three days, starting from 22 March and ending on 24 March 1940. It was organized at Minto Park which is now famously known as Iqbal Park. The main agenda for this resolution was to realize Muslim’s autonomy in British India and to interpret it as a demand for a separate Muslim state in which they can fully enjoy their rights and practice their religion openly. Main Body When the British introduced political reforms in Indian, Muslims of India realized that with this system of democracy, Muslims would remain…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lahore Resolution

    Jinnah called for All India Muslim League’s 27th annual session in Minto Park (now called Iqbal Park), Lahore. Lahore resolution was presented on 23rd March in order to protect religious, political and social rights of the Muslims. Nawab of Mamdot presented the welcome address followed by the speech of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. According to a rough estimate around 100,000 attended the public meeting. The resolution was endorsed by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Sir Abdullah Haroon, Chaudhary…

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  • Compare And Contrast Your Hometown

    Have you ever compared your hometown with any of the other cities that you may have ever been to? If not, than what things can you think about that are similar and different in your hometown and other city you are comparing with? In the same way I am going to compare my hometown with the city where I am living currently. These cities are different and similar form each other in various ways but there are three main factors that distinguish Houston from my hometown (Lahore) such as, costs of…

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  • Importance Of Water Resource Depletion Essay

    deficiency can be resulted into many issues regarding health and social life of people. Water resource depletion in Lahore: Lowering of water table in Lahore: Excessive pumping is fast depleting ground water in the city. The Irrigation Department estimates that the water table is decreasing by nearly three feet per year. WWF-Pakistan Water…

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  • Write A Rhetorical Analysis Of A Magazine Article

    In the penultimate paragraph, the author writes that even with the “scars and frowns” Lahore has taken on, she still “makes [his] heart race.” This auditory imagery truly allows the reader to feel the excitement that the author feels about his hometown, no matter what changes have been made. To end the article, the author writes about how the far from desirable conditions in Lahore don’t stop him from “gorg[ing]” himself on the “pleasure and substance” to be found in Lahore. This strong diction…

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  • Socio-Political Perspectives In Ice Candy-Man By Bapsi Sidhwa

    Bapsi Sidhwa is a Pakistani well-acclaimed diasporic writer. The novels she has written in English reveal her individual understanding of the Indian subcontinent’s Partition, socio-political aspects, abuse against women, immigration to the US, and membership in the Parsi or Zoroastrian community. Born on August 11, 1938 in Karachi in the country of Pakistan, she subsequently migrated to Lahore. Bapsi Sidhwa saw with her own eyes the blood-spattered Partition of India when she was a young girl in…

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  • Importance Of Noise Pollution In Pakistan

    Environmental issues in Pakistan are becoming a great threat to the atmosphere in which we are living. Lahore, being the most populated and urbanized city of Pakistan is facing natural threats. All the environmental calamities the most disastrous and destructive is noise pollution. Noise pollution is a big issue that is faced by every citizen that is resting within the city. The origin of noise pollution comes from roads and Jail road is the most noise polluted road of Lahore as it was once…

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  • Nomi Ansari Case Study

    Number of employees: • Total number of employees in Lahore are approximately 200. • Total number of employees over all in Pakistan are approximately 5000 above. Human resource department HRM, The procedure of appointing and developing employees so that they become more treasured to the organization. Human Resource Management includes • Conducting job analyses • Recruiting the correct people for the job • Orienting and training • Handling wages and salaries • Providing benefits • Measuring…

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  • Essay On Needle Stick Injury

    professionals. Sufficient knowledge about these injuries, its causes, and methods of prevention protects the nurses and the patients from infections. The results of study will help to know about the level of practices and knowledge of nurses about needle stick injury, this study will be most useful when conducted in the early phases of the project and interventions can be applied after taking results of collected data. Purpose of study: To assess the level of knowledge regarding needle…

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  • Lenny As The Narrator In Deepa Mehta's Earth

    The Importance of Lenny as the Narrator of Deepa Mehta’s Earth Often times, the narrator of a story plays a crucial role in the portrayal of events and characters. Deepa Mehta recognizes the importance of the narrator in her film Earth, which tells the story of Partition as witnessed by Lenny, an 8-year-old Parsee girl. The film takes place in Lahore in 1947, in the time directly before and during Partition. At the beginning of the film, Lenny spends most of her time with her nanny Shanta, a…

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