Importance Of Noise Pollution In Pakistan

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Environmental issues in Pakistan are becoming a great threat to the atmosphere in which we are living. Lahore, being the most populated and urbanized city of Pakistan is facing natural threats. All the environmental calamities the most disastrous and destructive is noise pollution. Noise pollution is a big issue that is faced by every citizen that is resting within the city. The origin of noise pollution comes from roads and Jail road is the most noise polluted road of Lahore as it was once declared as the ‘silence zone’ to reduce this issue.
Jail road being one of the most longest and wider road of Lahore had witnessed the most number of accidents and traffic jams. It is place where people of different occupations are forced to come as it
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The bridges have made the jail road much rush there is everywhere hustle and bustle. Noise is an environmental issue not even in jail road but all over Lahore. The chimneys the factories the construction also has a negative impact on the people.
Construction also causes noise and jail road is usually under construction of any building, schools, college hospitals. There is usually rushed in the emergency of PIC (Pakistan Institute of Cardiology) and in the emergency of Services Hospital. The sirens of 1122 are heard usually they are having patients in serious conditions and they want to reach hospital as soon as possible.
Noise pollution disturbs the people living nearby as it is a commercial area. The biggest factor which affects is the hustle bustle of the transports because there are hospitals aligned in a lane and patients do become uncomfortable with the noise of horns and squashing of the cars, the rickshaws, the emergency
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Lahore’s biggest universities are a part of this road and millions of students come and go on cars. It is the main road for people who want to go to canal. Noise pollution had made it dangerous for the people to line peacefully. Moreover, it has also caused air pollution. Burning of the fuels pollutes the air. Car engines emits tonic gases which when mixed with the air make it dangerous for the humans to inhale the content of carbon increases which results in the consumption of carbon monoxide by the crowd which is harmful to the lungs. This also increases the humidity in the atmosphere which produces greenhouse effects.
The problem of noise pollution seems not to be solved in early times of Jail road. We can just only make good deeds ourselves to control the environmental issue caused by the singles. If we try to solve the issue may be the other person next to us looking at us tries to follow us sometimes. In that way the issue can be solved or reduced by the citizens of Lahore.
Noise though, is a part of our lives but it hinder peace when it presents unpleasant effects. Jail road faces traffic jam after every thirty minutes and this continuous procedure has created so much noise pollution that people have become restless due to such

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