Importance Of Water Resource Depletion Essay

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Water resource depletion: Resource depletion means the lack of that particular resource that is consumed faster than it is replenished. Thus, water resource depletion can be described as lack of water due to its excessive use or it can be said that water resource depletion occurs when water is wasted and over used. As water is most essential for all life forms, deficiency can be resulted into many issues regarding health and social life of people.
Water resource depletion in Lahore:
Lowering of water table in Lahore:
Excessive pumping is fast depleting ground water in the city. The Irrigation Department estimates that the water table is decreasing by nearly three feet per year. WWF-Pakistan Water
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Agriculture: Most of the water is given to agricultural sector to fulfill the crops need of water. In this practice a large amount of water is wasted and this wastage is due the lack of well developed irrigation and sometimes leaky canals. Wastage of water due to inefficient system is also for water deficiency.
Excessive use of ground water: In the current situation of Lahore where fresh water resources are polluted badly, an alternative to fulfill the need of water is ground water. So the stress on ground water reserves is increased and water is extracted from ground water in large quantity on daily bases. Due to high rate of extraction as compared to low rate of replacement a distructive loss of water occurs. This loss destroys the ground water reserves. Hence overuse of ground water causes water
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People come from rural areas to the Lahore for many reasons. Biggest of them is unemployment. So, to get a better life and employment opportunities people move towards Lahore from small towns. As number of people is increasing in the city more resources are required to fulfill there needs. Water being a basic need of life starts depleting due to urbanization. And in this way urbanization is a prominent cause of water deficiency.
Possible threats due to water scarcity in Lahore; As Lahore is an important city of Pakistan, so water shortage in Lahore is serious threat to the whole country. Now-a-days, as Lahore is facing water scarcity issues, it can be harmful in future. There are some possible threats which can occur in the coming future. These threats will badly affect the city and can cause destruction to a greater extent.
Lowering of water table in Lahore
Quality deterioration
Increased costs of

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