The Dilemmas Of The Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan

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Water, as we know is one of our most coveted resources. We use it to cook our food, wash our bodys, and even our cars. Water is undeniably a resource we use every single day.
Many people throughout the world undervalue the importance of this resource. As Americans, we have come accustom to having clean fresh water at our disposal, and not having the worries that several other countrys do. One American city, has been forced to learn the hard way about how valuable the water they once took for granted really was. Flint, Michigan for nearly two years now has been dealing with the water crisis. They turn on their taps and their showers only to find nastily, discolored water. Additionally, along with the discolored water, tests have revealed that the water contains things that make it unsafe It all started when a Michigan politician made a decision to redirect Flints water supply from the Hudson river to the Flint river. Unknowingly, the Flint river contained toxic water that was now being sent through their pipes and into their homes, schools
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Believe it or not, there are actually several conspiracy theories surrounding the water crisis and its origin. This topic will be discussed furthermore later in the essay, but some people from Flint believed that it was racially motivated. To date, not much progress has been made to successfully improve the water quality in Flint. The public is still in outrage, people across the city is concerned for their safety. Parents and teachers are concerned for their children, the ciaos has taken over the city of Flint. That being said more can be done, its just not getting done. The government needs to do more to help the increasing toxicity problem in Flint because, it brings back the issue of race, its dangerous to the people, and they have been dealing with the problem for almost two years and have yet to see

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