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  • The History Of Worcester's Union Station

    thirty-two million dollar renovation was untaken by the WRA in 1998, this time the architects being Finegold Alexander & Associates, Inc, who are based out of Boston. Only a year later a gala ball was held to celebrate the reopening. Both the stain glass ceiling and the marble floors were brought back, along with the twin towers. This time though, they were built to better withstand the vibrations and weather conditions by using steel sheathed in molded fiber glass. To this day, they serve as purely decoration. Two years later the station was back to servicing passengers. Today is used as an intermodal facility and provides not only bus line connections, utilizing the seven million dollar bus depot added in the restoration, it also runs an Amtrak line and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority commuter that connects to the Framingham & Worcester line. A grand hall is now available to house events, and is even accompanied by an adjoining restaurant (Worcester). Each and every building that we interact with on a daily bases was carefully conceptualized, designed, planned, and constructed by someone, yet it is extremely simple to quickly pass by each and every one without giving a second thought. Appreciating a building for it’s beauty is one thing, but it is worth to go the extra mile and learn just what went into its making. Worcester’s Union Station, being located right off of a busy highway, is quickly driven passed by thousands of people every day. Imagine if each and…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Fithian And George Washington

    Both Philip Fithian and Goerge Washington record and immortalize the life of late 18th century white Virginian gentry in their diaries. In vastly different styles, both men describe the culture, values, power structures, methods of mastery, and relationships between men and women in colonial Virginia. As an outsider to this society, Philip Fithian creates a more complete and colorful picture than George Washington does. While Fithian’s account offers explicit observations about Virginian gentry,…

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  • Save Money At Expensive Places

    Why Have I Chosen This Topic I have chosen this topic because the hardest part about going on vacation is choosing where I want to go. There are so many vacation spots in the United States, so it can be hard to pick the right one. I hope that after I do this paper, I will know exactly where to visit on my next vacation. I could save my family time and money by doing research. In the future, it could become my go-to spot. I can also share my results with my family and friends. What I Already…

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  • Descriptive Vacation

    During the summer of 2014, my family and I enjoyed a vacation in one of the most beautiful place I have ever visited. My uncle had won a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for the whole family and we were ecstatic to say the least. I remember looking at pictures of the unbelievable mansion we would be staying in called Casa China Blanca, but no picture captured how amazing it truly was. Although, the entire city was not as luxurious as our gated community, I still believe Puerto Vallarta is one of…

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  • Case Study: NJ Transit

    Located in Newark, New Jersey Transit was founded by New Jersey Department of public transportation from the act of 1979, its mission to provide safe, reliable, convenient service with a skilled team of employees, dedicated to Customers’ needs and committed to excellence. NJ Transit purchased the largest private bus company to operate, later added the rail road operations. In 1984, both department of the organizations merge with NJ Transit Mercer to establish a combined organization with the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Your Hometown

    Have you ever compared your hometown with any of the other cities that you may have ever been to? If not, than what things can you think about that are similar and different in your hometown and other city you are comparing with? In the same way I am going to compare my hometown with the city where I am living currently. These cities are different and similar form each other in various ways but there are three main factors that distinguish Houston from my hometown (Lahore) such as, costs of…

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  • Euro Americans Reflection

    During this course, there were some prejudices that I have discovered that I did not think I had. One of the prejudices discovered was against Euro-Americans, believing that most of them had it easy because they were white. I learned that me believing in this, came from how I grew up. I am a multiracial man (African American and Latino), but I was raised by my Black father. So, for most of my life I was around my Black family and for the most part I had black and non-white friends. Growing up my…

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  • Essay On Amtrak Train Station

    Threat assessment The Amtrak train station in Wilmington Delaware is a huge train depo that shuffles hundreds of people out of Delaware into other states. In today’s world, there seems to be plenty of organizations that are out to cause terror and fear. And with the Amtrak station being a very populated space there is potential for various indirect threats. These threats are implied or are always being thought about. But being a train depot what is its main purpose,…

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  • Essay Case Study Amtrak

    Amtrak Case Study In this case study Amtrak experience one of its deadliest accident. The stakeholders in this case are the Amtrak engineers, crewmembers, train attendants, passengers, the conductor, and anyone who have business or who associates with Amtrak. These stakeholders all have something in common with Amtrak. They all would rather see the trip go as smoothly as possible. The passengers use this form of transportation because it was reasonable and it got them to their destination in…

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  • On The Amtrak From Boston To New York Summary

    Sherman Alexie is a Native American, he is a poet, filmmaker, and writer. He uses his experience as a Native American to write such as On the Amtrak from Boston to New York, Indian Killer, Reservation Blue. However, “On the Amtrak from Boston to New York” is the best poem, it reveals his strongly feeling through it. The poem talked about his meeting on the train with the white American woman. She told him about American history which he was well known. He thought she was annoyed, and she made…

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