Euro Americans Reflection

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During this course, there were some prejudices that I have discovered that I did not think I had. One of the prejudices discovered was against Euro-Americans, believing that most of them had it easy because they were white. I learned that me believing in this, came from how I grew up. I am a multiracial man (African American and Latino), but I was raised by my Black father. So, for most of my life I was around my Black family and for the most part I had black and non-white friends. Growing up my father told me about the privileges that Euro Americans have that many Black people do not have. Now my father did not teach me to have these prejudices or to not like Euro Americans, but what he did teach me about was some of the privileges that Euro Americans have. Which led me to believe that most Euro Americans have it easy here in the United States. I always took that as a fact, until we did the chapter three reading reflection. I realized and learned that there are a lot of Euro Americans who may struggle with some of the same things as certain minority …show more content…
I will know a little bit more about each group that we discussed, and have a better understanding about my employees. It gave me insight about how to deal with each person differently. It showed me that I cannot interact or view my employees the same, because we are all different, each of us has a different lifestyle and beliefs. This class also helped me professionally by learning to accept my employees as they are and to try to encourage my employees to do the same.
Overall, I think that this Managing Diversity class was a good class. It helped me grow as a person and professionally. It taught me useful things that I should know today and after I graduate. I also believe that this class should be taught each semester here at UMHB. I think that it will benefit the students and the professors that are a part of this

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