White Privilege Thesis

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This essay is the concept that many people would like to believe is true, which is “White Privilege” in the modern United States. “White Privilege” does not exist, although there was a time that many powerful Americans discriminated against “persons of color”. Which that would have been racism, not this construct of “white privilege”. “White Privilege” does not judge people off of actions, words, deeds, and character, “white privilege” within itself is racist. “White Privilege” also means if there's any great difference in income between a white person and a “person of color” that the government should step in and forcibly eliminate the disparity. “White Privilege” is nothing more than a social construct, it does not take into account actions, …show more content…
It is said that because of this privilege no matter what one does right in life one can never overcome the bear that is always on the shoulder persons of color. This is an outright lie; in the United States, which is the freest country to have graced the earth, the only person to blame for failures is oneself.
“Whites are not born with genes to do the right responsible thing and they are not born into a system that only benefits whites.”
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One can decide to do the right things and stay out of poverty. According to the Brookings Institute, there are three things one needs to do to avoid permanent poverty in the US: (1. Graduate High School, (2. Get a job, and (3. Don’t have babies before marriage. Another great privilege is being born into a two-parent family; this is true for every race. For example, the poverty rate among two-parent black families in the US is 7%. While the poverty rate for single white mothers is 22%. What happened to the “white privilege”? Why are the two parent black families doing better than the single white women? There is another privilege called, as Shapiro puts it, the “Not Committing Crime Privilege” (Shapiro). Higher Criminality rate in black communities is not due or because of white privilege. It is the result of individuals being criminals. Simply put, don’t kill anyone. The US Justice system actually under- prosecutes murder in minority communities, because minority communities are under-policed. When police do come into contact with black people to arrest them they are statistically less likely to shoot them than whites in the same circumstances, according to Peter Moskos of John Jay College of Criminal Justice at CUNY. These are some reason that people love to string up and say “Look white

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