Model: The Learning Connections Inventory

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Tavarus T. Fleming
Model EXP 105-Final Assignment The concept of learning is based off a process called the Learning Connections Inventory. The Learning Connections Inventory provides the individual with specific information about their learning process, individual’s actions, and a vocabulary for explaining the specific actions the person takes that results in productive or unproductive learning actions. Within the Learning Connections Inventory, there are four basic learning patterns which are Sequence, Precise, Technical Reasoning, and Confluence. The four learning patterns identifies whether you use a learning pattern “First,” use it “As Needed,” or seek to “Avoid” it all together.
After reviewing the definition of learning and comparing
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I my opinion, I feel that I used my Sequence Learning Pattern at a “Use First” the most over the course of the class. When using Sequence, I used my time wisely to ensure that my work was neatly and easy for the readers to follow and understand. In order to accomplish this, I first wrote all my assignments out in a notebook before typing it and read it multiple times and conducted a spelling and grammar check before submitting the assignment. Also to ensure that my assignments were complete and submitted on time, I started my assignments as soon as they were posted and done my work from beginning to end.
When it comes to my Precise Learning Pattern, I feel this pattern played a vital role with the overall success during this course. I used this learning pattern on every assignment that I completed. While completing assignments I tried to be as accurate and correct to the best of my ability when answering questions and with any information that I provided. Conducting myself in such manner, I received great feedback from my instructor, and fellow classmates which were displayed in my grades I received for each
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When it comes to working for a company, there are several key requirements and skills that make a good quality employee. In my opinion, I meet all the qualifications I plan to contribute a well maintain and easy to read paperwork, communication between co-workers, and also provide good work management to ensure that all work is complete correctly and in a timely manner.
Over the past five weeks, I really enjoyed learning more about myself when it comes to my Learning Patterns. I also enjoyed the interaction and the feedback that I received from other students in the course. My expectations when I began this course was to learn how to be better organized and communicate clear which I feel would improve me to be a better leader. All my expectations were met during this course.
The instructor gave clear advice once she notice a pattern with the way the students were writing papers and also answer any and every question that was asked. My expectations for the student were to provide feedback that could assist the writer in the future in which I received after completing the discussion assignments. I feel getting feedback from other student’s play vital role during the course because it forces us as students to interact and set events from different point of

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