Community Engagement Reflection

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Community engagement, community leadership, and service are most relevant community engagement. Being engaged within the community which you live in I essential to the growth and development of the community. It is greatly important because there are people within our community who need the help of others. Being engaged within the community ensures that everyone is working as a unit to solve problems. Without participating in the betterment of my community I cannot expect the change I would like to see within my community.
Being culturally competent especially in such a diverse community such as VCU is a necessity. Being culturally aware allows for the acceptance and understanding of all cultures. It is relevant because it is important to
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Having the skills to be an effective leader is relevant in all aspects. As a leader grows and develops with the community the individual within the community must do the same. There are many attributes that I think are the most important for community leaders include being engaged within the community, leadership, and cultural competence. This is relevant because as a leader being able to show great leadership qualities are essential.
I can also use what I have learned to become a more knowledgeable, well rounded individual. This course has taught me that knowledge is truly power. For example, when you are knowledgeable of the attributes of cultural competence you are more likely to understand their background.
Community engagement is extremely important within any community. Through CMST I have learned that community participation is far beyond just volunteering at a homeless shelter once a year or participating in a canned food drive. In order to have a long term effective change you must be consistent and aware of the issues being faced within the
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Everyone one contributes there knowledge in their own way. Positive change can only be attained through a collaborative effort; it takes a team to turn awareness into action. Personally, I have learned that I still have a lot of growing and developing to do. Taking one course is not going to teach me everything I need to know about community engagement and how to be an effective leader. However, it has made me aware of the changes I need to make in order to become a more aware individual. This course has definitely opened my eyes to what goes on in the world and had taught how to better understand my community and the people in it. The knowledge obtained from this course will and can be applied to my everyday life for the betterment of myself and my

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