George Washington

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  • George Washington Generalship

    Generalship of George Washington George Washington was the first president of the United States. He was also famous because of his generalship in the Revolutionary War. His contribution to American Independence is praised throughout the history, and Washington is even called the Father of United States. George Washington 's military strategies led Americans to fight back the British Empire. Without Washington’s leadership, America would not be able to become independent. On June 14, 1755, the Second Continental Congress appointed George Washington as the commander of the Continental Army. However, there were a lot of problems Washington need to solve in order to win the war. First of all, only one-third of the colonists want a war for independence.…

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  • Influence Of George Washington

    George Washington: Early Influences That Made Him A Good Revolutionary War Leader: General George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He played a masterful role in the victory of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Events in his earlier life, along with his lack of traditional education enhanced his leadership skills, and strengthened his determination, which ultimately led to victory ( His great grandfather, John Washington, moved…

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  • Characteristics Of George Washington

    Main Qualities Used by Washington George Washington, the first president of the United States of America, faced numerous obstacles, fought against a superior numbered British Army, and often suffered serious complications during the thirteen original colonies rise to independence. In this essay, I will demonstrate three enduring qualities of our celebrated leader and founding father, George Washington, as shown in Robert Harvey’s, “Maverick Military Leaders” (2008). Raising Morale Upon his…

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  • George Washington Dbq

    1776 was written by renowned author David McCullough and retells the events of the American Revolution. The book closely follows George Washington as he commands the American army through the hardships that they faced in these times. Both Washington and his soldiers dealt with harsh conditioning which lead to low morale. This sense of overall gloom contributed to the departing of many of the soldiers in the war and some even took weapons or other trinkets of war as collateral for their time…

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  • George Washington Outline

    George Washington (1789-1797) “Father of the NAtion” Grade: A When the nascent nation struggled to form its own identity, it was necessary to have a leader to guide the country through the process. A strong leader in the Revolution, Washington was the most favorable and prepared man to become the first President of the U.S. Although he felt unprepared, Washington coordinated and strengthened the federal government well and cautiously appointed officials that would be of best assistance.…

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  • George Washington: A True Leader

    George Washington was not a weak leader, he was quite the opposite. He was selfless, brave, also a humble leader. He was renowned as an excellent military strategist. He was the first to be appointed to the most admirable position. However the position was not an easy feat to maintain; nevertheless, a strong leader such as George Washington was well suited for the task. In the years of the Revolutionary War, George Washington who serviced as the Commander in Chief for the American Army; had…

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  • George Washington A Good President

    George Washington was known for being the first, richest and most popular president of the United States, to people he was a very essential man and also one of the most remarkable leaders called the Father of the County. He was one of the greatest forefathers, he did not only served as president, but also as one of the greatest generals in the history of America. His main goal was to protect the country and to expand it. George liked to live his life very occupied and busy, he was truly proud to…

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  • How Is George Washington Honorable

    prominent first president, George Washington? George Washington the first of the United States’ forty three presidents. George did many helpful and honorable things. For example, he helped shape our country by setting up our government. He was also a great leader that kept peace with foreigners and throughout America. To know about America’s famous and principled president George Washington, you need to know about his background, his politics, and his lifestyle. George Washington’s background…

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  • Why Is George Washington Important

    George Washington was born in 1732 in Virginia. His mother was Mary Ball and his father, Augustine Washington. In 1743 his father died. He inherited 10 slaves and land. This ends up being an ironic part in his life later on. The major role he played in the shaping of America was being elected the commander of the Continental Army. For 8 years he held this position and it ended up being a very good decision on the American’s part. Prior to Washington becoming the leader of the Continental Army,…

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  • George Washington Balance Power

    "I walk on untrodden ground," is a phrase George Washington was known to say before he was inaugurated into the office in 1789. Being the first president, Washington had to find an efficient way to run the United States. Washington had to balance power, but not have anarchy or become a dictator. (Hughes) Washington realized that everything he would do in office would be criticized, and the good things that he would do would go on to be a guide to every other president. Setting these precedences…

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