Geotechnical engineering

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  • Rockbolts Essay

    forces for the research causing their wide variations for numerous public and private uses. The ease of calculation and implementation also makes rockbolts a go to option for engineers who would rather spend more time calculating other variables during a job which requires moderate to secure rock, for either permanent or less than permanent structures. With the continuation of expansion, which requires bigger highway cuts, tunnels, and mines, has given way to the need for more cost effective ground control technologies. The best of which, is to expand on already proven systems in an attempt to optimize performance. Thus is the reason for a recent expansion in rockbolt technologies. Rockbolting is the process by which mining, civil, and geotechnical engineers are able to secure surfaces, either in mining excavation or public construction, to more competent rock for structural reinforcement and stability. There are a variety of types of rockbolts, each with their own specific purpose for individually unique scenarios. The ability to decrease the likelihood of structural failure in complex designs from the increase in ground control stabilities systems, such as rockbolts, has drastically improved safety and productivity in the mining sector (Hartman & Mutmansky, 2002). Numerous technological advancements in material composition and understanding of crucial geologic structural properties and behaviours, has over the years produced more complex ways of geological stabilization…

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  • Land Surveying Essay

    Land surveying is the technique of determining position of points on the earth and using them to define boundaries and draw maps. It divides the land into parcels by providing correct descriptions, which is then assigned for ownership and other purposes. The original charter group from England brought the “Metes and Bounds” system of describing land or real estate to U.S. where it had been used for many centuries. It was used in the original thirteen colonies that became the United States…

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  • Design Lessons Learned From The Rion Antirion Bridge

    region. For aseismic design, information is required and methods should be planned at different stage: investigation of environmental conditions of the soil profile (geotechnical characterization and design seismic conditions) 1. Calculation of the magnitude of the loads that will be applied to the foundation soil. 2. Investigation of possible solutions. 3. Information about the required performance and safety factors of the structure. 4. Design phase and estimate of the deformations. 5.…

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  • Disadvantages Of Basement Foundation

    of the foundation, it would not matter how beautiful the building is as over time the building would collapse. Foundations provide a medium for the loads to be transferred from the structure to the ground, there are many different types of foundations that can be used for various constructions. Therefore, foundations play one of the most important roles in construction and are used very often when constructing buildings, as such, it is key for civil engineers to make the construction of…

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  • Structural Engineering Personal Statement

    In the times when Construction giants are burgeoning worldwide, I chose Structural Engineering for a simple reason - It is what I have always desired to do. Being born in a family related to construction business since last 20 years in SURAT, I always had exposure to it and it insinuated interest in me. Accompanying my dad on his site visit during my childhood vacations fascinated me. Hence my future field was pretty much decided since childhood with an aim of joining my dad’s business.…

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  • Essay Statement Of Purpose For Civil Engineering

    Statement of Purpose Anyone can be an engineer with a degree, but a good engineer needs to be a motivated failure. As Zig Ziglar said, “Failure is a detour, not a dead-end street.” I have failed before, but I did not stop there; nevertheless, I worked hard to make my dreams come alive as a good civil engineer. I have done the hard work, and I have succeeded in getting my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca, Saudi Arabia after a long pedagogic journey. And…

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  • Advantages And Challenges Of Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering is a professional Engineering field that deals with the construction, design, and maintenance of the built structures. The Civil Engineering field is broken up into 5 specific field’s water resources, structural, geotechnical, environmental, and transportation. The projects that Civil Engineers work on may be for the public or private sector. Even though Civil Engineers may have their own specialties, they still collaborate on projects together with other Civil Engineers…

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  • The Impact Of Civil Engineering In The American Society

    informing the reader what civil engineering is and how it came about. Without civil engineers the life we live today would not be the same. Although buildings and bridges are usually what comes to mind when thinking of civil engineering, civil engineers can design many things, from water systems, to space stations. This article informs the reader that there is various types of designs civil engineers can create. About Civil Engineering. (n.d.). Retrieved March 22, 2016, from…

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  • Importance Of Business Essentials

    as an FEA and stress analysis responsible for design and engineering of the de-oiling units, but soon I got promoted to a senior mechanical engineer that became involved in different aspects of project execution, such as clients relationship, fabrication supervision, quality control, R&D and commissioning/start up support. In the last two years, due to the financial turmoil in the oil and gas market, I have been involved in budgeting and costing of our product lines, with the aim of optimizing…

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  • Reverse Engineering Human Brain Essay

    core processing center, where all human function and ability occurs from. If we can reverse engineer it that means there will be a complete knowledge on how to translate that fact to better understanding different aspects of life and our actions. Have you ever wanted to know how a personality develops or what happens to the body on a microscopic level when you are doing something like typing a paper? By getting on the inside of the brain we can know these answers and so much more. The ability…

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