Design Lessons Learned From The Rion Antirion Bridge

Seismic Foundation Design Lessons Learned from the
Rion Antirion Bridge
1. Introduction
The choice of a design concept for designing foundation is decided by various factors such as environmental conditions, information of the building, construction techniques and constraints at finance and time. These aspects will be considered more rigid on seismic foundation designing which is a very broad activity requiring the synthesis of experience and technical knowledge. These will be illustrated by an example of solutions adopted for the Rion Antirion Bridge.
2. Aseismic foundation design process
The aseismic design for foundation is important in seismic region. For aseismic design, information is required and methods should be planned at different
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For this definition, acceptable deformation and efficient solution can be presented. In the case of Rion Antirion Bridge, the acceptable deformation is 2 m in horizontal and vertical direction and smaller than 10-3 radians in rotation.
This example points out the necessary of the definition of the required performance of the structure.
7. Displacement analysis
For seismic foundation design, displacement analysis is important. As the required performance of the structure mentioned above, for Rion Antirion Bridge, there is a strict constraint on the displacement of the structure.

Using nonlinear element analyses, the displacement of the foundation in different load is calculated.
From the Force-Displacement Relationships diagram, displacement increase more with load increasing. However, it is still in the acceptable range when the load is
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Secondly, conditions of the structures should be taken into consider. These conditions are from the load and the usage of the structures. For rion antirion bridge, structure load, ship impact, earthquake event and tectonic are taken into account. These different conditions will be summarized to the load that act on the foundation.
Thirdly, according to the environment conditions and load, several possible solutions should be investigated and the optimal solution should be chosen after comparison. For rion antirion bridge, three solutions are compared and finally the surface foundation solution is chosen because of the advantages on construction and safety to use in the deep water and earthquake area. To solve the disadvantage of the surface foundation, soil improvement solutions are presented and analyzed.
Fourthly, before design of the foundation, the required performance of the structure should be defined to evaluate the important parameter of the structure.
Next, foundations should be designed and the deformations should be calculated and estimated to ensure the

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