Golden Gate Bridge

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The golden gate bridge is one of the most famous suspension bridges in the world. It spans the golden gate strait which is a mile wide and three miles long. It is seen as one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It is also one of the internationally recognized symbols of America and to be precise San Francisco. Nearly 112 000 vehicles cross the bridge daily. Although the bridge is one of the biggest engineering marvels and over 13 engineers work on the bridge it still was no easy task. The engineers faced extreme challenges of the sea, the wind, the extreme length of the bridge and the sheer size of the task [6]. FIGURE 1: GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE AT NIGHT.
Problem statement
In 1906 San Francisco
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People would cross waterways by walkways that were hung from ropes or cables and later chains. An American inverter by the name of James Finley designed an early version of a suspension bridge by suspending two strong chains over the top of several tower an fixing a rigid deck with smaller chains fastened to the stronger chains [3].
The general idea of a suspension bridge is a type of bridge were a roadway is suspended from cables which is attached to two master cables which runs above the length of the bridge. These types of bridges are strong, lightweight and are considered beautiful [3].
Designing a suspension bridge is simple. It takes advantage of several techniques to distribute the weight of the bridge evenly. This type of bridge can also span great distances over the ground and water. But with that great length comes greater engineering struggles because of many external and internal forces [3].
One of these forces is wind. During the designing of this suspension bridge the wind factor is something that should be kept under consideration trough out the whole design process. There is specifications for highway bridges which consists out of general definitions and rules as well regulations on steel and concrete superstructures
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The nationwide depression means that the government is not able to aid with the funds for the project. But with the construction of this bridge will come work and a way of income which is desperately needed in a time of depression [5]. FIGURE 3: THE ARTICULATED CABLE BAND AT ONE OF THE “TIE-DOWN POINTS”
Solution application
The construction of the golden gate bridge begins. It takes 6 six months to build the pear which would be used to travel to the south tower building site. The south tower building side had to be done in the sea. As a result of this bombing of the floor bed is required to reach a rock bed suitable to build the concrete island on. On this island the southern tower would be constructed [6][2].
In the north the building side is to be done on the shore were the shoreline has to be blown away to reach the suitable rock bed on which the base of tower would be built [6][2].
Next will be the building of the anchorages, 60 000 tons of concrete set into rock foundations and is about 150 feet long. These anchorages would be used to anchor the cables that will suspend the whole bridge

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