Civil engineering

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  • Civil Engineering Informative Speech

    I honestly never would have thought that someone would ever chose civil engineering as a topic for a informative speech, in this Comm class. Civil Engineering was a very interesting topic to become more informed in due to everything that is involved with this topic, involving ourselves. Finding out how Civil Engineering ties in with every day life, from trees, buildings, rooms, and floors. I had no idea before how much it took to become a Civil Engineer, as well as all the math involved with this major, and the morality behind it. As a class we all became informed on the four areas behind civil engineering, first structural, geo structural, water resources, and transportation. The structural part of civil engineering would be the planning…

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  • Advantages And Challenges Of Civil Engineering

    Civil Engineering is a professional Engineering field that deals with the construction, design, and maintenance of the built structures. The Civil Engineering field is broken up into 5 specific field’s water resources, structural, geotechnical, environmental, and transportation. The projects that Civil Engineers work on may be for the public or private sector. Even though Civil Engineers may have their own specialties, they still collaborate on projects together with other Civil Engineers…

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  • Importance Of Civil Engineering

    spent my infancy in the relatively small and ancient city of Cusco, with just a few impressive and interesting constructions, due to my father’s profession in civil engineering, I was always connected to the construction world. Since I was a child, I have asked myself many questions related to the construction world.ironically the more I grew, the more questions I had. Like Socrates once said, “I know that I know nothing.” My connection with civil engineering started with my…

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  • The Importance Of Civil Engineering

    What makes a civil engineer different than any of the many other branches of engineering? Well it is certain that all branches of engineering must have a proficient understanding of math, science and technology in order to succeed (Georgia Tech, “What is Engineering”). Civil engineers however must be able to take the knowledge from these three areas and apply to create or enhance public works. A public work is nearly every type of transportation and transportation center, including space…

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  • Civil Engineering Purpose Statement

    Every day and every class was a new challenge; things that I have learned in my college increased the fascination. I made my first presentation in one of the top colleges in my state. The presentation was on earth quake resistance structures, and I secured first position out of 100 candidates. I received more practical knowledge when I was doing my mini project as per my University and college curriculum. My mini project topic was “DESIGN OF STEEL STRUCTURES”; which was perfect choice for me…

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  • Sub Disciplines Of Civil Engineering In Modern Society

    A very professional engineering which deals with the planning, designing, constructing and also maintaining public establishments such as buildings, roadways, bridges, canals, dams, railroads, airports and so on are called Civil Engineering. It very much defines the civilization of the modern society and, also the oldest disciple after military engineering. It is also the application of scientific and physical principles for solving the crisis the society. There are about 13 different…

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  • Shaping The Future Of The Civil Engineering Profession?

    Civil engineering is the professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, and construction, and built something like rods, bridges, dam and building. It’s also called one of the oldest engineering disciplines. This discipline also gives an opportunity to educator to use knowledge of applied mathematics s and sciences in order to solve the complicate problems in the real world. Three years ago, my parent decided to build a property, so we need to hire some civil engineers to…

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  • The Importance Of Civil And Environmental Engineering Course

    Communication Before entering this course, I was quite unsure as to what concentration of undergraduate studies to focus on. Specifically, it was to either choose between civil and environmental engineering major of studies. I was at a crossroads. Yet, I wanted to evaluate the career path more in depth to make a decision that will correlate to my values and lifestyle objectives. I began to experience some anxiety about the major courses and confusion as to which career provided the most…

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  • The Field Of Engineering: The Careers Of Civil Engineering

    engineer had a hand in developing or innovating all of these. Engineering is one of the most important occupations throughout history and still to this day. Whether through through the branches of chemical, mechanical, computer, aeronautical, bio, electrical or civil engineering, they all impact us in many ways. Before we branch off into the fields of engineering we must first know what is engineering? What is the principles of basic engineering? What is its background and history and most…

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  • My Personal Aspects Of Complex Experiences In Civil Engineering

    the ability to use inductive and deductive reasoning and to visualize how designs can be implemented in real life. All of these make sense due to the fact that Civil Engineers need to be able to think on the spot for solutions and be able to evaluate their decisions to come up with simple solutions to complex problems. From Mr. Ayers I learned that people in this field also need to have great communication skills especially for someone in his position. He has to describe these complex ideas to…

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