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  • Conventional Wisdom Asset Mix Essay

    2. John Bogle Asset Allocation 3. Benjamin Graham Asset Allocation CONVENTIONAL WISDOM ASSET MIX. The Conventional Wisdom Asset Mix, focuses around the risk appetite and investment horizon of individuals or corporate organisations. The conventional wisdom asset mix assumed individuals or investors are either risk averse or have greater tolerance to take risk . If investors are properly classified in this regard then the choice of asset mix will tilt in same proportion. For example , return on stocks is higher than bonds, because bonds are less risky than stocks . Other things being equal, if investor is classified as being risk or savvy, then his portfolio mix will have more of stocks than bonds and vice versa . On the other hand, if…

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  • Intangible Asset Dilemma Summary

    The Intangible Asset Dilemma Introduction Although intangible assets lack physical substance, some financial experts say that intangible assets are key drivers in value and competitive advantage. Items that are commonly classified as intangible assets include trademarks, patents, franchises, copyrights, and goodwill. Even though intangible assets are becoming more popular, intangible assets are under much scrutiny. Since the inception of FASB standard no. 142, Goodwill and Other Intangible…

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  • The Importance Of Goodwill And Intangible Assets In Healthcare Organizations

    and intangible assets for health care organizations. There are various ways for depreciation to be measured and determined based off the organizations finances. Much can be said about depreciation, intangible assets, and valuing goodwill. How all these aspects relate within the health care organization have a considerable impact on the financial statement and organization. Depreciating Assets In health care organizations, the way to depreciate assets over their useful lives instead expensing…

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  • The Arbitrage Pricing Theory And Capital Asset Pricing Theory

    Asset pricing theories help us to find out risks of assets and provide us with a framework to associate risks of assets with their expected returns. A large number of theories and models have been prevailed to relate the risk and return of various assets to aid practitioners in selecting investment portfolio. These theories include Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) and the Capital Assets Pricing Model (CAPM). The Arbitrage Pricing Theory is a theory developed by Stephen Ross (1976) and was later…

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  • Liability Management Case Study: Banc One's Assets

    Asset and Liability Management A credit side of a US bank’s balance sheet typically included floating-rate liabilities and long-term fixed-rate liabilities, whereas debit side consisted of floating-rate assets and long-term fixed-rate assets. Generally speaking, asset and liability management required the banks to match the economic characteristics of its cash in and out and the strategic decisions relative to interest rate exposure required banks to match their assets to liabilities…

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  • Importance Of Reporting Intangible Assets

    Reporting Intangible Assets Accurate financial reporting of an organization is very important in today’s modern business world. Intangible assets play a critical role in the valuation of an entity as they may bring significant value to the table. An intangible asset is an identifiable nonfinancial asset which lacks physical properties according to both the international community as well as the standards set by the United States. Intangible assets include items such as such as trademarks,…

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  • Essay Explain Why Total Financial Assets In The Economy Must Equal Financial Liabilities

    1. Explain why total financial assets in the economy must equal total financial liabilities Financial asset is intangible property from a contractual claim such as stocks, bank deposits, and bonds. All of them should be worth to receive monetary value. Financial liability is a company's obligation or debt which a company has to pay back the amount of borrowing money. Total financial assets and total financial should be equal it's because the balance sheet is based on accounting equation. Since…

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  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model

    Variations in the cross-sectional stock returns drive abnormal returns from momentum investments (Choi & Kim, 2014). The Capital Asset Pricing Model explains such variations (Alhenawi, 2015). In the method of constructing momentum portfolios, past stock performance and expected average returns were found positively correlated (Jegadeesh & Titman, 1993, 2001). The correlation between winner returns and loser returns resulted in momentum profits (Alphonse & Nguyen, 2013). This section is an…

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  • Importance Of Capital Asset Pricing Theory

    to price assets and most commonly used is to price shares. It is most definitely important response to financial judgment making. Besides that, Capital market theory develops a model for all unsafe assets and ads on the portfolio theory. For the development of capital market theory, the concept of risk free asset is most crucial. Hence, it is most important for a financial professional to understand the capital market theory as it is an important foundation. In general the capital market theory…

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  • Advantages Of The Capital Asset Pricing Model

    proxies of risk. Accordingly, the TFM cannot be utilised to explicate the return of stocks. They tested the stock returns for five years by utilising the NYSE stocks imported from the COSTAT and the CRSP. They discovered that the best returns on value stocks were caused by increasing amendments in predicting the rate of future growth. The authors explicated that the BTMR and the size of the firm impacts were the result of the systematic error of the method that practitioners utilised to…

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